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Avalabetta, The New Nandi Hills In Bengaluru

Avalabetta, a peaceful place is located about 90 km away from the busy life of Bengaluru. This beautiful place is complemented by lush green paddy fields, coconut trees, and of course a lot of fresh breezes. A long drive from Bengaluru to Avalabetta is a treat to the eyes because of the fascinating views, unpretentious beauty and melodic serenity on both sides of the road. It takes one and half hour drive to reach Avalabetta which is not too far. Most of the inhabitants of Bengaluru consider Avalabetta, the new Nandi Hills, and today its one of their favorite short getaways. It is a must visit place for all the travelers who visit Bangalore in India.

Surprisingly, there are still many people all over India who are unaware of this amazing place, No wonder the beauty of this place remains pristine and untouched.

While driving towards Avalabetta, only a short distance of 3-4 km has bad-conditioned rural roads. But after that, the route is quite good and suitable for driving. You will be accompanied for quite some time by rich paddy cultivation and numerous coconut trees. Once entering inside the arch, you will be led to the hilltop with rolling hills and beautiful natural beauty. At the top of the Avalabetta, there are two ways. You will find the stairs to your right to reach the temple and there is a road to your left to reach the guest house of the Forest Department. Your car can be parked near the temple gate and you can walk around on your feet to experience the natural beauty of Avalabetta.

The vantage viewpoints in Avalabetta can be divided into three sections:-

a) Walk till the dead end of the road at Forest Department guest house. You can see a lake from the hilltop if you take a walk after parking your car. The image of the stacked rolling hills is reflected on the water of the lake. In order to experience the stunning views of Avalabetta, you must walk down the mountains and sit on any of the boulders.

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b) Walk towards the opposite side of the stairs that lead to the hilltop temple. You will be sheltered from rain and scorching heat of the daytime by the beautiful Manatapa. The second vantage point lies at the end of the road that goes up to the hilltop. A plenty of tiny camouflaged crawlies lives here.

c) The last and the best vantage point are behind the hilltop temple. Lord Lakshmi Narasimha lives in this small and beautiful abode and you can visit him by climbing up the stairs. As per belief of the locals, all the wants and wishes of the devotees are fulfilled by this God.

The most well-known vantage point of Avalabetta lies at the end of a path behind the temple. According to the temple priests, the Forest Department has closed this path for the safety of the travelers. This vantage point is known as the ‘frog head’ viewpoint of Avalabetta. You can visit Avalabetta all around the year. In summers, the weather here is very soothing as the temperature drops down by some centigrade on the hilltop. You must remember that Avalabetta does not have any shop or restaurant. So, you must either pack your food or have it from any of the eateries at NH 7. You have to be cautious as Avalabetta is not at all a kid-friendly zone.

So, plan a day trip to Avalabetta to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Featured Photo: Nandi Hills by mynameisharsha under CC BY-SA 2.0

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