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Andhra Pradesh the south Indian state as the wide attractions of tourist destinations that fascinate and charms the travelers. Andhra Pradesh is sanctified by the plenty of Mother Nature that is really alluring for the sightseer. Because of the scenic and natural beauty of the spots that natural and scenic beauty of the place crushes the visitor and seals them by the ultimate wisdom of pleasure. The top attractions of the state of Andhra Pradesh are listed below.

Sri Venkateswara Dhyana Vignan Mandiram

5. Sri Venkateswara Dhyana Vignan Mandiram-W

This destination is a museum which was established in the year of 1980. Apart from the art center or gallery, this places stands as a meditation center for the people who like to meditate also offer prayers. There are numerous meditation halls inside the museum for the people the people to meditate peacefully. These meditation halls are open every year. You will find various religious works of art like puja utensils and much more inside the museum. The place comforts you with peace of mind and serenity.

Golconda Fort


Golconda Fort photoPhotos by jamingray,

Being one the bravura fort in India, it is situated 11 km from Hyderabad. This in ruins fort has a wonderful history that dates early to the 12th century. The fort was constructed by the Kakatiya rulers but, it got glory under at the time of Qutub Shahi dynasty. The world notorious diamond called the Kohinoor was found at this point. The worthy attraction that can be never imagined is the enthralling sound and light show that happens in at the evening time. The unique fascinating features of the Golconda Fort are its structure of audibility that is when you clap the hands while at the entry gate that would be undoubtedly with a clear pitch heard at ‘Bala Hissar’, which are the highest point and a kilometer away.


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Charminar photoPhotos by abhinaba,

The noteworthy innovators in Hyderabad are the Charminar which is said to be the pride of this 400-year-old splendid town. This tribute of Hyderabad has thrilling ancient and societal connotation. Accurately giving the meaning as the four spires, the Charminar is the four-storied edifice by a mosque. The Charminar holds four imposing towers looks like a square structure that each and every side will measure about 20 meters in length and all the sides of the square hold a tower domed minaret. The minarets height is about 48.7 meters. All the four minarets are four stories. The eminent mosque that is located is called the Makkah Masjid.

Yaganti Caves


In southern India, The natural caves of yaganthi always stay to be the popular tourist destinations in India that are situated about 100 kilometers from Kurnool. It is a famous tourist place that offers you gorgeous scenery and amazing background. The marvelous caves on Yaganti are the Venkateswara Caves, Rokalla Caves, Veera Brahmam Caves and Sanka Caves that gives you a magnificent appearance that enhances the loveliness of this outlandish place.

Purani Haveli


Hyderabad is celebrated for their marvelous monument that tells about the golden era of the ancient and even medieval times and displays the amazing craftsmanship. So the Purani Haveli is also one such place where the exotic artwork and talent is showcased. Situated southeast of the Afzal Gunj Bridge nearby Dewandevdi, the Purani Haveli is the noteworthy portion of the Hyderabad city. Whereas the town was being planned by the Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah, the ruler of Hyderabad who sorted out a huge part of the land for the habitation of Hazrat Mir Momin, who is the chief advisor of him. Purani Haveli features both the western as well as the Indian architecture; it is a well-planned monument. The palace is constructed by the 18th-period architectural designs through expansive courtyards then tricky plans.

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Warangal Fort

Warangal Fort photoPhotos by ShashiBellamkonda,

The fort is situated in the Warangal district that holds the gorgeously-carved arcs, pillars extend through a radius of above 8 km. The Warangal fort is the base of power for the great Kakatiya Empire that carried the Telugu-talking populaces form the section under a single roof. Apart from the architecture, the Thousand Pillar temple which was constructed during the 11th century is a classic and key attraction between the devotees.

Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar photoPhotos by siddharthav,

This dam is situated at the borders of Guntur and the Nalgonda districts that are amongst the primary erections constructed by the government prominent to the Green Revolution of the country. The hotels and restaurants that are lined all over the as well as the dam offer calm, tranquil and a peaceful view. The archaeological site enthused through the Roman era then the museum that is constructed on the island by relics of the Buddha that appeals the past lovers from everywhere.

Laknnavaram Lake


From the Warangal city, it is situated away from 90 kilometers, the water area is extent about 10,000 acres and is the classic specimen of a place where people can find the civilization that was established the region during hundreds of years ago. Based on the PJ Naidu saying, who is the senior archaeologist, this lake was created by excavating above quite a lot of eras through the then rulers. This lake is very much helpful for the agriculture all over the year and in all districts. It is almost surrounded by 13 islands that are scenic through the lush green forests plus mountains. You will have contented accommodation in two of these islands two of these islands that created them these places as a great tourist attraction.

Featured Image Photo by ShashiBellamkonda

Attractions That Needs To Be Explored In Andhra Pradesh

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