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Many of us plan to tour a cool, lush greenery and serene place every vacation in order to free our body and mind from the hustle bustle. In such time, we choose mostly backwaters and waterfalls to relax. Athirapally waterfall is one such place where lakhs of tourists and locals visit here to quench their dryness. Let us see here how Athirapally waterfalls attract the tourists.

Athirapally location

aquatic species photoPhoto by BLMOregon

Athirapally waterfalls are located at Chalakudy, Thrissur District, Kerala. It stands 1000 ft above the sea level of the River Chalakudy. This is one of the magnificent and biggest waterfalls in Kerala. The waterfall runs through several streams and hits the ground stone at a height of 80 feet. It looks like Niagara during the monsoon and rainy season.

It is reported by the tourists that one can reach the pinnacle of the waterfalls within 15 minutes walk. Just imagine your heartbeat while reaching the gushing falls that doubles, triples. One can clearly watch out the landscape of the Western Ghats and Sholayar hills from the tip of Athirapally falls. Tourists mainly do swimming where they can enjoy the water spray from the falls side. The sightseeing and trekking up and down in the falls generally takes about 3 hours. Chalakudy River gives survival to the huge number of fish from different varieties. Besides, the aquatic species, there are a lion-tailed macaque, leopard, Indian grey hornbill, tiger, sambar, and elephants strolling in the dense forest.

The best time to visit

river rafting photoPhoto by donald judge

As Athirapally waterfalls flow with water year around so it can be visited at any time. However, the heavy rain season is not apt for enjoyment, trekking, and swimming. Monsoon is the best time to visit here to enjoy the nature in full swing. If anyone planes to visit this place, then make your itinerary between September and January. River rafting, swimming, are the water activities which might enthuse the adventurers.

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Fascinating facts about Athirapally waterfalls

  • Athirapally waterfalls is being a reservoir for over 85 species of fish
  • This Malabar wildlife comprises many animals
  • The endangered animal Hornbill is seen in the Western Ghats
  • The hidden waterfall in the dense forest is called as a “Silent Valley” by the Congress leader and Former Union Environment Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh
  • The waterfall stretches about 80 feet height
  • The Legendary director Manirathnam’s Ravanan film few scenes were shot here
  • Athirapally’s gushing streams unite to form Chalakudy River

Route to Athirapally waterfalls

The Athirapally waterfall is at 59 km distance from Thrissur, 70 km away from Cochin. Chalakuddy is the nearest railway station. Ernakulam, Thrissur railway stations are at a distance of 70, 55 km. Cochin Airport is the nearest airport at 55km distance. There are rental cars, buses, taxis available from Chalakkudy, Cochin, and Thrissur.

Nearby places to visit-Athirapally

Water Theme Parks photoPhoto by phalinn

Dream World Water Park is the top-ranked water theme park in India and the best one in Kerala. The park is surmounted by the natural beauties such as Athirapally waterfalls, Malakkappara tea estate, Thumboormuzhy river garden. Most of the tourists and locals visit here to enjoy over 45 rides. The Dream World Water Park attracted more than one crore visitors in the last 15 years.

Vazhachal Forest Gardens:

forest garden photoPhoto by Permaculture Association

The wonderful gardens are located in the District of Thrissur.  This dense forest garden is 8 km away from the Riverok villas. The Kerala Forest Department preserves the herbal plantation, vegetation here and the Garden is considered as a State Treasure. Many filmmakers visit the exotic gardens and Vazhachal waterfalls for their filmmaking.

Thumbormuzhi dam:

dam photoPhoto by ogwen

Many tourists invade on Thrissur district to explore the natural beauty of the Butterfly Park and Thumbormuzhi dam. Being the habitat of butterflies, the Butterfly garden comprises approximately 148 species. The tourists would drop their jaws by seeing various kinds of butterflies from small to large. Thumbormuzhi dam water is diverted to farming regions for irrigation usage. Between February and May is the best season to visit the dam and garden.

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Nature bestowed us with many valuable, evergreen, and entertaining places. If you are a nature lover, then visiting Athirapally waterfalls, its nearby attractions will add values.

Athirapally Waterfalls Kerala – Explore With Wild Beauty

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