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Featured Photos by Kashyap Kinshuk, Akarsh Simha,

Among the 8 states in the Nortern Part of India, lies the beautiful Assam and comprised with the Brahmaputra Valleys and Barak. All the Northern Eastern part of India is connected via siliguri corridor or the Chicken’s Neck in West Bengal. The state is also known as the Gateway to the Northeast, as it connects  the northern eastern part to the rest f the country. Assam also shares an international border with Bhutan and Bangladesh. There are many similarity between the culture and tradition heritage of Assam and the South Easter countries.The Assam Cuisine is  delicacy in its own.

Earlier Pragjyotisha was the name for Assam.A Shan tribe known as Ahoms settled in in this region from Burma,well the inhabitants of Ahoms tribes later gave raise to the name Assam.

Popular in Assam.

  • The men of Assam wear a red and white scarf known as the Gamosa
  • Women of Assam wear a traditional dress called the Mekhola Sador
  • The food of Assam is another popularity of Assam, sour flavored fish tenga is different taste from its regional culinary cuisine.

Assamese food is the delicacy of its own. The method of cooking includes both the hills  and the plains combination. The Hill inhabitants prefers dry and fermented form of food, whereas in the plain vegetables are used in fresh and fish are available.However in both the way of eating, rice is the main item of main course served with aside dish. Assam has a food habit adapted from various cultural influences.Assam cuisine has make delicacy prepared with duck,fish birds and squab etc.Mustard oil is the choice as the cooking oil.

Food always acts as a universal connection between people. Although the ingredients maybe same but the dish prepared are always different from one another.Thus showing the university of diversity around the world. The Assam food itself  offers a variety of taste.For non vegetarian Assamese food is the right choice. Delicious pork, chicken and mutton dishes will leave your mouthwatering.

The Delicacy of Assam

  • Khaar – Its a preparation with meat in the Assamese cuisine. A curry prepared with raw papaya, meat taro and pulses. The uniqueness of the dish is the use of dried banana leaves, in which all the above item is wrapped and cooked and served with rice during lunch.
  • Duck meat curry, the duck is cooked with the lauki(gourd)and whole spices .The dish can be cooked with other ingridient like lentil, sesame, pumpkin and a lot more!.This is a dish prepared on special occasions.
  • Maasor tenga(tangy fish curry) – This is a extremely refreshing dish in the Assamese cuisine. The fish gravy is cooked with a sour and tangy flavour.
  • Aloo Pitika – A simple food  accompanied with rice.It is similar to the aloo chokha or aloo makha cooked in other part of India, however the flavor of Assamese cuisine distinguish it from the other part similar dish.
  • Xaak aru bhaji (herbs and vegetables) – A dish prepared with herbs vegetables and other ingredients. This is a dish which is a part of Assamese meal on a daily.
  • Ou Khatta –  Ou khatta is sweet and sour flavored chutney prepared with elephant apple and jaggery.
  • Paro Manxho (pigeon meat) – A preparation of Pigeon and banana flower .This dish taste best with the banana flower .This traditional dish is a delicacy and one must try it when visiting Assam. Pigeon meat is warm in nature, thus this dish is prefered to be eaten in the winter season to make the body warm to face the chilled of the winter season.
  • Silkworm – Well definitely this may not attract all,however people so are ready to taste all kind of food special worms, they will surely like this dish too. Polu or Leta some popular dish in upper Assam . The silkworm are steamed or boiled and then seasoned .Then served as snacks  with drinks.It is mandatory to boil the Silkworm before eating .The Larva  another tribal dish stir fried with spices.
  • Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura (Chicken with Bamboo Shoot)-A dish prepared with chicken meat bamboo shoot and lentil, this is an unique delicacy of Assamese cuisine. Bamboo shoot is not a very often used ingredient and its taste is little different, and may not be liked by all. However the dish has a special flavor which will leave its impact once you taste it.  leaves behind a unique taste which is generally complimentary to meat dishes.
  • Pitha – This is a sweet dish prepared in the homes of Assam. They can also be sour in taste too Pitha are one of the traditional food in Assam.
  • Assamese Thali– The thali comprises of the traditional dishes of Assam like the khar, tenga, a sour dish. The thali is served in bell metal utensils.
  • Tamol it is  a incomplete meal for the Assamese without the Tamol a betel nut and Betal Leaves with lime juice and tobacco.
  • Beer-A well famous drink of Assam with a blend of rice flavor liquor. This is all time favorite drink in the festive occasion and one should try this in Assam.
  • Xaj, a type of rice beer, offered in traditional utensils
  • Smoking-A special smoking pipe is made in Assam, it is a pipe mixed with opium,tobacco,cannabis, betal nut extract and many more ingredients , it has a religious charm to its flavor.
  • Tea-It is incomplete to talk about Assam delicacy without mention about the Assam Tea.Tea is basically a mandatory part of most Indians life. With individual preference, some drink tea with Milk or without milk, with ginger or lemon however as said before it actually depends on the taste buds of an individual.
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assam photoFeatured Photos by Akarsh Simha

The green valleys and nature of Assam, is a treat to the eyes and a peace to the soul. The magnificence natural beauty of Assam’s a perfect destination for a holiday.

Featured Photo by avlxyz

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