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Are You Ready To Enjoy A Musical Dinning At ELP Food Fest?

One thing that music and food have in common is they are widely expressed, despite being different in different countries, cultures, and of course, tastes. Food expresses a wide range of traditions and flavors, while music does the same but with its purest forms of messages. When the two gets combined, you can only experience a pure satisfactory moment; blissful and peaceful! ELP Food Fest 2020 is one-stop destination, if you want a unique combination of great music and amazing taste of foods!

ELP Food Fest is happening – But when?

Mark the dates on your calendar – the ELP Food Fest 2020 will be happening from 1st to 2nd of Feb. One who misses out would be the most unlucky person on earth, especially if food & music, both, are on top of your priority list!

The ELP food fest had two other editions in previous years. While both were amazingly organized, this year’s edition seems to be quite unique. After all, it’s because of last years’ praises and appreciations that made the fest more gala this year.

A Musical Dining – ‘Eat. Love. Party.’

Hit food corners and experience amazing taste of music – because this food festival in Delhi 2020 is going to bring some of the most amazing tastes of Indian foods. Enjoy different types of Indian cuisines and at the same time enjoy the live performances by super singers. This year at ELP food & music fest it is believed that Mikka Singh would be rocking the music floor with his amazing performances. What’s more, you can experience the mesmerizing voice of Tulsi Kumar who once made the world go gaga over her song – Saki-saki. And, Tulsi Kumar is also going to sing other songs as well! Next comes the band renowned as Tarkaash. Expect them to play music of different genres. You can get a chance to pamper your ears and treat them amazingly with the songs of Bismil. Also expect Sharma Ji (& the happy factory) to come and hit the floor and make fans go gaga over their beautiful songs.

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As per the taste of foods go, the ELP food & music fest is going to bring a wide range of Indian foods with different types of cuisines. Give your taste buds a treat by enjoy the Punjabi dishes in the stalls. No, you don’t like Punjabi? Okay, there’s a pizza corner for you! Choose your favorite toppings on your Domino’s Pizza and taste the delights! There would be Zero Degrees for you to taste the yummy snacks out there. You can choose you kind of beverage and enjoy the music sip after sip! South Indian food lovers – there’s a Dosa corner for you! There are luscious shakes too from Keventers people!

Visit the fest and eat, love, & party! That’s what the main approach of this fest is. If you don’t know how to visit, reach the Pocket 8 from Mahipalpur Bypass. And from Sankar Road, go to the Mall Back’s Entry Road – Vasant Kunj 2.  Keep in mind that you need to register your name first! Upon registering, don’t forget to follow these:

  • Carry one valid ID card.
  • The ones coming first will be given seats (1st come 1st serve)
  • Security procedures should be followed

So, are you ready to visit the ELP Food Fest this year?

Now that you have an insight of this year’s food festival in Delhi 2020, you can simply register your name and buck up for 1st or 2nd February!

Featured Photo of ‘MEAT FEST’ by Dave Kleinschmidt under CC BY-SA 2.0

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