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We’ve all heard of crazy stuff people do to please the rain God. But have you heard of someone getting animals married to do so? Yep! You heard it right! There has been news of frog weddings in certain pockets of Assam.

Frog weddings in Assam

frog photo

Photo by ggamanshim

In order to please the Hindu rain God Barun, the people of Rongdoi village in Assam’s Jorhat district resorted to frog weddings. Hundreds gathered, including boys and girls and people of ages, old and young, to witness this awkward wedding, at a hall. The wedding went on till late night.

The myth

There is a belief among certain Hindus that if frogs that are caught by people are married off using Hindu rites and rituals, it can help bring rainfall in the coming days. This could help thousands of farmers who are suffering due to lack of rains in the region, as the rains are not hitting for almost a week.

Facing the worst phase of a dust storm and dry waves, the people, especially the farmers are helpless. They are also facing a severe water crisis in the paddy fields, which was the main reason for motivation for the people to resort to such weird rituals.

There is a belief that if a frog is married off, the rain God will be pleased and rains will soon come. Since there had been no rains for several weeks, the villagers decided to perform frog marriages, and are expecting rain soon.

The effect

The paddy crops have failed in most parts of the state. Since most of the region did not receive any rainfall for the past weeks, it has had an adverse effect on the ecology and rice cultivation as well as other related industry like tea.

A similar situation in Nagpur

Nagpur witnessed a similar situation. The wedding of the frogs was arranged by farmers in hopes of pleasing the rain God so that he would bring rain to their fields. The event organized on June 12, 2014, by the Vidarbha Kisan Samhiti was solemnized by the priest with many common Hindu rites and rituals, such as smearing a streak of vermilion on the female frog’s head.

Donkey weddings in Shimoga

The town of Shimoga, situated in the southern state of Karnataka witnessed the wedding of two donkeys. As bizarre as these situations may sound, this was also, in fact, done to please the rain God. The animals are said to have feted out in celebratory processions and later returned to their habitats.

The need

As we all know, agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, as it relies heavily on the export of crops to other parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. A drop in rainfall could drastically affect crop production and this, in turn, could have dire consequences on the economy, and would also affect international prices.

Rainfall statistics

Although there has been a considerable amount of rainfall, only 43 percent downpour has been witnessed across the subcontinent in the July to September months. Also, the overall precipitation is expected to be 70  percent of the regular annual rainfall for the rest of the monsoon season.

Hence, the people, especially farmers have resorted to these strange methods, in order to please the rain God and bring rainfall. It’s mostly happening in parts of the country where rainfall or the expected rainfall is low. According to the Meteorological Department of India’s forecast wing,  the rains seem to be low and things are not progressing as expected.

So, this might be a logical explanation as to why people all over the country are panicking and resorting to these strange techniques in order to bring rainfall.

Featured Photo by Ducklover Bonnie

Animal Weddings For Pleasing The Rain God

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