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The most favored dress material among Indian women is Saris.  They are used as both formal and casual wear.  Some of the most famous varieties of Saris around India are Banaras Saris, Kanchipuram Saris, Chanderi, Bandhani, Pochampalli, Paithani and more.  Here is a list of some equally popular, chic, elegant and comfortable Andhra Pradesh Saris.

1. Venkatagiri Saris

Venkatagiri saris are woven in Venkatagiri and nearby villages in the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh.  This variety of handwoven zari cotton and silk sari also holds a GI Tag.

This variety of Andhra Pradesh Saris date to the 18th century, India.  They were once the favorite of royal queens and women of Velugoti, Bobbili and Pithapuram dynasties who ruled this land.

Nowadays, they come in both silk and cotton variety.  You will be spoilt for choice in form of colors and designs.  Some of the popular motifs on these Saris are golden dots, leaves, parrots, mangoes, peacocks and geometric designs

Lightweight, durable, extremely comfortable but royal-look they are great for any or every occasion due to their all-climate wear feature.  It is silently becoming popular across India at present.

2. Dharmavaram Silk Saris

Dharmavaram silks are World-famous traditional saris with interlocked weft technique.

These  Saris, manufactured in Dharmavaram, Ananthapur district, are sometimes weaved with Tussar silk. They come in mild colors.  Double shade sarees are also available.

These saris have broad gold patterned brocaded borders, very similar to Kanchipuram saris. These are a bride’s favorite due to magnanimous borders and heavy zari.

They are filled Buttas (small designs on the body of the saree) with pallus having special designs. Some of the intricate designs weaved into the saree are elephants, peacock, temple towers, and places of religion. Of late decorative stones, sequins and kundans are being added to keep up with the times and to create demand in other parts of the country.

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3. Uppada silk saris

These saris come for from Uppada in east Godavari district, AP.

The jamdani techniques are followed for weaving of these beautiful saris.  Majorly hand-woven the length and breadth thread counts determine its weave.  Two weavers work on one loom to create the intricate designs for this sari.  The process is very difficult and time-consuming too.  A lot of zari work is also done to make it grand for festive wear.

Ultimately, the unique designs and contrast in pallu and saree body are too strong to resist.  These sarees are priced at Rs.5000/- and above.

4. Gadwal

Gadwal saris are exquisite offerings from Gadwal region.  The body of these Andhra Pradesh Saris is made using cotton fiber while its borders are designed using silk.  Both cotton and silk weaving is done separately then joined.  The sari has traditional motifs such as mango, geometric designs, and symbols of temples etc.

These saris are usually worn by the locals for religious occasions. The latest trends in Gadwal weaving is the introduction of Sico sarees.

5. Mangalgiri

Mangalgiri sarees are handloom sarees originating from Mangalgiri in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.  This saris features elaborate tribal designs that are woven using zari.  They come in bold colors and accentuate your looks during formal and festive occasions.

6. Kalamkari

kalamkari photo

Photo by Mike Prince

Kalamkari, meaning with pen work, is a tradition of painting on a piece of fabric using natural dyes.  This painting is done on cotton and silk fabric and involves different processes including dyeing, bleaching, block printing, painting by hand and more.

Earlier it was used for religious paintings. Now, this painting technique is being adopted on saris and dress material. Andhra Pradesh Saris with this style of saris originate predominately from Srikalahasti and Machlipatnam.

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Earthy colors are used to create motifs including characters from Indian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses of Hindu tradition, Krishna raas-Leela, images of Buddha, peacocks, lotuses and more.

7. Ponduru Khadi

khadi photo

Photo by taylorandayumi

Poduru is a small town in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh.  This is home to the popular GI tagged Poduru Khadi.  Most Pattushali and Devangi community houses of this town have a loom making weaving meters of fine silk and cotton khadi saris.

Since the weaving is done by hand these fabrics are said to be soft and light in weight. Even Mahatma Gandhi is said to be so impressed with this soft and fine textile that he always got his clothes from this region.

Ethnic yet sophisticated there has been an increase in demand for these saris among youngsters. There are available in  Ethnic stores like FabIndia.

Featured Photo by 4Neus

Andhra Pradesh Saris – Chic, Elegant And Comfortable

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