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The Sikh wedding is called “Anand Karaj” and is also known as “Blissful Union” by some people. This is because Sikh marriage is another way of discovering God and starting a new life in the name of God. Marriage is a very important part of Sikhism because it is considered one of the best things to bring together two big families. This is the beginning of a new life for two people. In fact, Sikh believes that marriage is a sacred system and not just a physical and legal relationship. Traditionally, weddings held at a place of worship in Gurdwara and not style has any place for it.

Even though the Sikh marriage of couples complete in a traditional way, the style does have any place to take over in the Gurudwara. The Sikh wedding ceremony priest still performs the sacred four nuptial rounds. The pheras in Sikh wedding known as the Anand Karaj and commonly called by people as “Lavaan”. Lavaan stands for “break away” and it makes sense considering that the bride breaks away from her parents’ house and begin her new life in her spouses’ house. Each of the Hymns has a special meaning and describes the union, start of the new life of two different souls which are going to be knotted in one knot.


Anand Karaj – Lavaan – Blissful Ceremony


  1. In the first Lavaan, it is considered as marriage status norms of Sikhism and the marriage in front of the place of Guru in Gurudwara in the ideal. In short, the marriage is considered to be the best living for tow soul from different families comes together and head towards living a successful life. The special emphasis is placed on the responsibilities of family and society. In the first half of the Sikh wedding tells the bride and groom to continue on the path of morality.
  2. In the second Lavaan of Sikh marriage, it is raised consciousness to the higher level. It is told that the bride and groom will cooperate to start their new life. The couple is asked to lean their attention only and only on God and to leave any material things. Basically, it is the awakening of the two souls into one new life.

  3. The third Lavaan refers to the stage of detachment of the bride from her parents’ house and is said to be free from all influences of the world outside. All she has to do is to devote herself to her husband completely and accept the life as a saint. At this stage of the ceremony, the hearts of the bride and groom must be filled with the pure love for the lord.

  4. In the last fourth Lavaan, it is portrayed the alliance in marriage. At this point, the husband and wife have to find a balance because they reached the lord.

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The family should participate as much as possible to ensure that reading is not interrupted. The ceremony and function of Anand Karaj can last up to one week. After the wedding ceremony and all the wedding rituals, it is important to stress that some cultural customs are important. In short, Anand Karaj is full of sacred things, the most important being love.

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