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There are different national parks around India. But there are some remarkable parks that are recognized as the national parks for their appearances and wild life preservations. The anamudi shola national park is one among these parks that can make your trip more exciting. The beauty of the park is not only mind blowing but also the very rich for the animals. The total area of the park is 7.5 Km2 where you may find animals like tiger, elephant, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, sloth bear, Hanuman Langur, Flying Squirrels and more. This national park is safe to visit and secured by the authority to keep to keep the visitors comfortable while they are busy in exploring the behavior of the animals in this park.

This park is surrounded by the other national parks like Eravikulam, Pambadum Shola, Chinnar Wildlife, and Mathikettan Shola. This national park is consisted of three different reserves like Idivara Shola, Pullardi Shola and Mannavan Shola.

anamudi shola national parkPhoto by flickrPrince

Specialties of the anamudi shola national park

This national park is known for its biodiversity and good environment. This well maintained park is full of different kinds of trees and animals that can make your trip memorable. The animals protected in the anamudi shola national park can not only make your trip exciting, but you can experience their behaviour closely. The appearances of the Jungle cats and dogs, Leopards, wolves, civet cats, Indian Bison, Panther, wild boar, sloth bear, elephant, tiger and more.

Apart from these animals protected in the anamudi shola national park, you can also enjoy the beauty of the several kinds of butterflies and moths and birds at this national park. The reptiles can also be found by the visitors of the national park. The animals are not only enjoyment that you can do at this park. But you can also do more besides enjoying the animals protected in the anamudi shola national park. You can make your trip more exciting by experiencing trekking here. You can enjoy the views of the birds that are rare to follow. The trees in this park are also very interesting and full of greenery.

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When you should visit this park

This popular national park was established on 21 November in the year of 2013. If you are interested to know anamudi shola national park timings, then the best season is October to March. On a regular basis, the anamudi shola national park timings are Monday to Saturday from 7 AM to 6 PM. On the holidays these national parks remains locked. This park remains open throughout the year, but you can explore it in an impressive way if you plan to go there within October to March.

How to reach at the park

If you want to reach national park, kannan devan hills kerala by train then you need to reach the Pollachi station which is the nearest destination from this park. Then you need to cover 100 kilometres from the station to reach the park.

You can also travel at the park by air. In this case, you need to take a flight to Coimbatore. Then travel to national park kannan devans hills kerala to enjoy the beauty. The roads from the airport to the park are connected well.

You can also travel at  shola national park kannan devan hills kerala by road. The roads towards the park from the major cities are well maintained, and you can travel by bus from Munnar stand which is the nearest one.

The diversity of the trees and the animals at this park can make your tour interesting. If animals attract you, then this can be a great destination for you as you can enjoy the Floral and Faunal species at this area on a large scale. This park is controlled and maintained by the Munnar Wildlife and forest department. This place is full of natural beauty as you can also enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls like Thoovanam, Pamba River and more.

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Featured Photo by Eric Gropp

Anamudi Shola National Park And Its Rich Floora And Fauna

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