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An Inclusive Guide To The Tourist Prominence Of Chowmahalla Palace

Now that air tickets and railways tickets are available right at your fingertip, it becomes a lot easier to travel the entire world within a span of just a few days. While the entire queue of folks wants to hike to the mountains, there are some who always prefer visiting the nearby cultural spots. That’s where the importance of places like Chowmahalla Palace comes into the frame. The magnificence of the Chowmahalla Palace holds enough prominence in a world where traveling to several places has become a piece of cake. So, whether or not you are an ardent traveler, here’s presenting everything about this particular palace. To know more, keep reading on.

An Introduction to Chowmahalla Palace

The palace was once considered to be Hyderabad’s center point and also happened to be the seat of Asaf Jahi dynasty where Nizams always entertained the official guests as well as royal visitors. Renowned for its unique elegance and style, this happens to be the fusion of multiple architectural styles and even influences. This complex was created over a total of 200 years ago! Now, it has been restored carefully!

What’s the Main Highlight?

The main focus of this palace is the Durbar Hall or Grand Khilwat. The everlasting magnificence of this particular palace is wonderful and breathtaking. The guests of Nizams once entered this courtyard. And right upon entering it, their eyes were directly drawn to Khilwat, which happens to be the Durbar Hall which is grand.

When is the best time to visit here?

The best time to pay a visit to this particular palace is anytime during the year. Due to the best weather condition right here, you would be able to experience the wonderful cultural prominence of the place with flying colors.

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How to Visit Other Cultural and Historical Places from Chowmahalla?

If you’re someone who aims at visiting other cultural places in this spot from Chowmahalla, then Salar Jung museum happens to be the first one to be counted on the list. The ones who aim at knowing about the distance from Chowmahalla palace to Salar Jung museum, it is pretty convenient. So, when you attempt to pay a visit from Chowmahalla palace to Salar Jung museum, you should know that the distance is just 14 minutes by road!

If you’re visiting the palace from Charminar, you should know the distance. The distance from Chowmahalla palace to Charminar is just 13 minutes by road. Due to the convenience of distance form Chowmahalla palace to Charminar, folks make sure to pay a visit to both the places at one go!

And if you are visiting Golconda fort, you can pay a visit to this palace. As a matter of fact, the distance from Chowmahalla palace to Golconda fort is convenient and is just 40 minutes via road. Due to the convenience of distance from Chowmahalla palace to Golconda Fort, people visit here more often.

Hyderabad is known as the IT hub of India and in all true blue reasons. But that doesn’t make it stagnant as just the IT hub. After all, Hyderabad houses some of the most prominent cultural and historical places that you would be able to get a glimpse of, upon your visit! And Chowmahalla palace is just one of them. To know more about the cultural spots of Hyderabad, follow the upcoming posts!

Featured Photo of ‘Chowmahalla Palace grounds’ by Juliana Duffy under CC BY 2.0

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