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Scuba diving refers to diving underwater wearing a breathing apparatus called scuba that is not connected to any equipment above the surface.  It may seem that such facilities can be found only in developed countries.  But you will be surprised to know that there are many facilities and numerous Scuba diving spots in India.

India is a land full of surprises.  You might find the wettest land and the driest desert.  You will find mountains and valleys.  Our country also has a long coastline and innumerable beaches with white sands plus a rich variety of marine life visible on exploring underwater.   Are you are wondering where is all the fun, take a look at the Scuba diving spots in the following states of India…

Points to Remember before you go there

  • Carry basic necessities like sunscreens, lotions,
  • extra set of clothing,
  • some liquid cash for emergencies
  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar islands are characterized by Clear waters, uncrowded beaches, a multiplicity of marine life such as Colorful Corals, Scorpionfish, Octopus, Angler fish, sharks and more.

The best time to visit these islands is October and April. One can visit some of the following famous beaches with the best facilities for Scuba diving… 

scuba diving photo

Photo by zsispeo

  • Neil Island

Unexplored spots, diverse marine life

  • Havelock Islands

Havelocks are located about 50 kms from Port Blair. One of the prettiest beaches in the world, you can easily view Humpback, parrotfish, corals, dugongs, and lionfish during your scuba diving pursuits here. Other places to visit on Havelock islands are the light house, aquarium and Mac point.

  • Corruption Rock

 Corruption Rock is reachable from Port Blair. These islands are located near diverse geographic features like undersea canyons, channels, and ridges. Scuba divers have recalled seeing Unicorn fishes, tuna, dolphins, reef sharks, and ray fish varieties swimming past them here.

  • Port Blair
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Port Blair is the Capital city of Andaman Nicobar Island. Here you can find 50 kinds of coral, sea flowers, Types of fish butterfly fish, parrot fish, clown fish and more underwater

One can also plan to visit the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park here to view coral reefs such as pocillopora, acropora, fungia, porites; mangroves; starfish; salt water crocodiles; turtles and other mollusks.

  • North Point Cinque Island

Water is clear even at 80 ft here. Black Corals, sponges and sharks abound this place devoid of human settlement except in the tourist seasons between September to December.

Some other scuba diving spots in India located in this union territory are North Bay Island, Fish Rock, and Rutland Island.

scuba diving photo

Photo by laszlo-photo

  1. Lakshadweep

It is a group of 36 islands on Malabar coast. Few places you can check out for scuba diving here are

  • Bangaram – A Calm and serene Atoll without the beach crowds.  It is full of corals.
  • Kadmat Island otherwise known as cardamom island place for marine turtles and other species of fish.
  • Agatti – coral reefs and blue lagoons

Best time to visit Lakshadweep for Sucba diving is November to March.

  1. Kerala – Kovalam

Kovalam is an amazing addition to the famous  Scuba diving spots in India.

Kovalam is about 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram.  You will find a unique underwater scooter called bond submarine here for getting under water.

Bluefin treavaly, puffer fish, box fish, grouper, anchovy, moray eel, pipe fish, sergeants and silver moony are some marine creatures you can admire here. Perfect time to visit is in winter during the months December and January, the time when humidity is bearable in Kerala.

scuba diving photo

Photo by tomfreakz

  1. Goa – Grand Island

Goa is agog with clubs, Sunburn festival, beaches and more.  It is also a place to enjoy scuba diving.

The sea near Goa has both normal and strong currents that are conducive for beginners and experienced respectively.

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Lobsters, white tip reef sharks, and needlefish are some varieties of fish you will find under water.

Shipwrecks such as Davy Lockers Jones, Surge City, Turbo tunnel, make underwater trips more exciting for trophy seekers.

andaman scuba photo

Photo by prilfish

  1. Karnataka – Netrani Island (Pigeon Island)

The Netrani Island of Karnataka is easily accessed from  Goa, Bengaluru, and Mangalore. It is located in Mudreshwar temple town. You can have glimpses of Corals, Shrimps, butterfly fish, eels, whales and orcas during your scuba diving trips here.

Plan your scuba diving schedules here in December and January when tides are normal

  1. Pondicherry 

Pondicherry is another amazing state favored by scuba divers in India. The reasons for this are as below:

  • Coral Sharks reef
scuba diving andaman photo

Photo by prilfish

The seafloor is sandy at 5 to 23 meters depth. The waters here are home to varieties of sharks and other marine life. The best time to visit this place is from December to March.

  •  Aravind Wall

Row 15kms into the sea to watch sea snakes, butterfly fish, lion fish, eel species at Aravind wall, Pondicherry.

Some more Scuba diving spots in India in this state are  The 4 Corners – dolphins and  The Hole.  The Hole is especially sought by adventure seekers as it is dark and deep and is a treasure trove of mysteries.

  1. Maharastra

Finally, the state of Maharastra is also on the map of the Scuba diving spots in India with places like Tarkali.

Tarkarli beach is characterized by white sand and blue waters. The seabed is about 20 ft deep in some places here.  You can watch underwater vegetation, Dolphins, corals and other colorful marine life during Scuba diving.  There is a Scuba training centre, IISDA which trains amateurs and divers wanting to become trainers using the latest equipment available.

Trakali beach is accessible from major cities of Maharastra like  Mumbai, Pune.

Amazing Scuba Diving Spots In India

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