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Dimapur is the largest city of Nagaland.  In ancient times it was the capital of the powerful Kachari kingdom.

In the name Dimapur, Di means water, ma means large and pur –City. Ultimately, its name in Damsi language means the Land of Great River. And surely the great river Dhansiri drifts on one side of this city.

A Popular Tourist spot

This place is visited by both tourists – to make their vacation a success and archeologists – to discover its intriguing past. It is a gateway to Nagaland as only this city has an airport and railway station in the state.

Though, quite modern as compared to other cities in Nagaland, it is also an epitome of Naga culture.

What to see and do in Dimapur

There are so many things that you can see and do in in this lively city…

  • To See
  • Zoological Park

The zoo is located just 6kms away from the city. It was inaugurated in 2008.

Spread across 176 hectares, it is home to myriad flora and Fauna unique to this region. The aim of setting up this park was to protect and create awareness of the regional plant and animal diversity.

Now, it is one of the most popular places to visit in these parts.  It is also a big hit among people travelling with kids.

  • AO Baptist Church

It is the biggest Baptist church in India. There are around 15000 registered members here.  Due to its huge capacity, at least 10000 people can be seated together on special occasions.

Even people from other religion can come to admire the architecture of this 50 year old church. The church is filled to the brim for Sunday Mass.  The Devout turn out wearing formal and traditional dress for the occasion. Christmas celebrations are a sight to watch. 

  • Kachari ruins
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Kachari kings ruled the area before the Ahoms invaded this area in the 13th century.  Tourists can have a look at the Dimsa Kachari ruins which is actually a series of mushroom shaped doomed pillars.

Seeing it from the top these domes look like chess pieces.  So it is believed there was some sort of game played here. The biggest dome is 22 feet tall.

The domes reflect Aryan architecture with motifs such as lotus, flowers, cows, elephants, deer, cows, tassels and more.  The Archeological Survey of India is taking efforts to preserve and keep this ancient structure clean.    

  • Day tour to Chumukedima

This village is located 14kms from our city on the National Highway 39.  It is placed prettily on the foot hills of Naga Hills.  You can have glimpses of entire city from this village. Do not miss out the various spectacular waterfalls in this village

  • Triple falls is located in Seithekima village

Trip falls refers to three distinct streams that descend from a height of 280ft into a lake in the village of Seithekima village. 

It is the most popular tourist spot in Dimapur.  A beautiful garden is maintained around the area by the local tourism department. There are also facilities to go trekking here.

Other places to see in are

  • Nagaland Science Centre – has three galleries including one for children.
  • Rangapahar Reserve forest – Home to diverse plant and animal forms
  • To Savor

Some of the most famous dishes of Nagaland are

  1. Samathu – Smoked Pork with Chill powder and thick gravy
  2. Bush meat
  3. Aikibeye – dish with mustard leaves and colocasia
  4. Akini Chokibo – field snails cooked with Perilla seeds
  5. Boiled vegetables made of spinach, carrots, Colocasia leaves
  6. Zutho
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Most of these popular dishes are available at select restaurants in this large city.

To shop

  1. Hong Kong market

Here is a place where you can get imported goods from Thailand and Myanmar.  The throwaway prices will make your wallet feel happy. Some of the things you can get here are cheap winter garments, accessories and Gadgets.  But if you are buying gadgets it is better to check for quality.

  • Diezephe Craft Village
nagaland photo

Photo by Laawaris

It is located 13 kms away from the city centre. Tenyimei tribe Weavers and craftsman populate this village. Woodcarving, handicrafts, bamboo and cane products and handloom produced by these craftsman are so popular that they are now being exported to many countries.
  • Other markets

Locals also buy from markets in Kuhuboto, Medziphema, Sakipheto, Nihoto, Aoyimkum, Alato village and Darogarjan.

Dimapur is an ancient-modern land blessed generously by Mother Nature and well maintained by its citizens.  Make a trip to this city today and it could be your best vacation yet.

Amazing Places To Visit In Dimapur, Nagaland

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