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Every traveler in India will have surely have Uttarkhand destination in their list. Offering the enthralling visions of the Himalayas and there are several tourist places that needs to be explored while you visit. So here we would like to share the most excited things to do in Uttarakhand.

Placed at the lap of mountains, the ‘Dev Bhoomi’ is really a land of awe-inspiring Mother Nature beauty and serene spirituality with abundance of delightful adventures. Anywhere your curiosity may lie in discovering Uttarakhand, be it from God otherwise from the powers of nature or else adventure, this is the ideal place to discover the mountains.


Skiing photoPhotos by jenniever,

The snow enclosed mountains in Uttarakhand are the ideal destination for the skiing. The thick layer of snow conquers most of the places with the arrival of snowfall. The virgin location, apart from that a state of art amenities and the adventure of sliding down the snow roofed slopes pulls travelers to delight in skiing.

The tallness and extent of Uttarakhand Himalayas provides chances of skiing to proficient as well as learning skiers. It is said that the snow fall usually starts from the month of November and extends till February.

Famous places for Skiing: Auli, Munsyari, Dayara Bugyal and Mundali are the popular skiing destinations at India. Auli is the best recognized among them located in Uttarkhand. This place always remains to be the ski destination which has the international standards.

Rafting photoPhotos by Make Lemons,

There is always a biggest attention of crowds in Uttarkhand for river rafting. And in that too ever so often Rishikesh tops that first. This mountain state has been blessed with a lot number of swift rivers that are virgin from the glacial origins.

Waterfalls starting from Grade 1 to Grade 4, shelter the rivers. It is one among the utmost terrifying adventures that this Dev Bhoomi could offer. River Ganga in addition to its branches provides the utmost exciting river rafting experiences in India.

Famous places for Rafting

Rrafting at the Alaknanda River, the well-famed yet thrilling Rishikesh River rafting on River Ganga.

Good Time to Visit

Starting from March till June, and then from October till November are the best famous season.

Safety Tip of River Rafting

  • Pick up a professional and a licensed rafting outfitter
  • You need to handle and Hold the paddle properly
  • Be familiar with the correct swimming practices
  • All the time you are requested to wear a life jacket
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Bungee Jump in Rishikesh

Bungee Jump photoPhotos by markyharky,

Bungee jumping, the very much thrilling adventure attracts more enthusiasts at huge numbers. Bungee jumping in Rishikesh interests adventure enthusiasts in huge numbers. The adrenalin rush that this adventure sport promises is second to none. At Mohanchatti a beam platform is constructed above the iron cliff overseeing a rocky river called HYUL, one of the tributary of Ganga River. You will be jumping with safety provided like rubber cords tied towards your ankles and you will have fun at the adrenaline rush similarly the adventure you will never before. One among the limited bungee jumps at India, this bungee is said to be designed by David Allardice of New Zealand.

Good time to visit: From the month of March till June, From the month of October till November.


Age: The person must be of minimum 12 years.

Weight: Person must be at least 40kg and gill a maximum 110kg


Camping photoPhotos by DanLoaTmba,

It is always said that the Uttarkkand destination is blessed by Nature.  Camping is perhaps the best approach to revel in the serenity of nature. Attempt to forget the routine worries and merely relax at the ecstasy of mountains, green dales, and bubbling streams in addition to the open blue skies by way of royal sights of the snow covered peaks.

You will be able to use days away from toxic regime and inhale at the garden fresh air of mountains. The picturesque loveliness at the days and the rich outlooks of the entire stars are remarkable.

Popular places: Rishikesh, Dhanaulti, Kanatal, Chopta, Roopkund, Tons valley, Dayara Bugyal, etc.

Good Time to visit: In the summer season starting from the March till June and October till November are the good time to revel in remaining at natural environments of mountains.

Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park photoPhotos by lk photography&design,

Jim Corbett National Park is one among the ancient wildlife sanctuaries at the country. Recognized at the initial part of the 19th century to safeguard the rare Royal Bengal Tiger type, this ecotourism place is praiseworthy sightseeing. The national park holds the ecosystem which looks a lot like the Himalayas.

In a safari, there are possibilities to sightsee more than that of 400 kinds of plants and 500 types of wandering birds. Furthermore from the fierce Bengal Tigers, predators like leopards, pangolins, Himalayan black bears, etc.

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Good time to visit: The will be open from October 15th till June 15th. So the good time to explore this place is during winter at the months of October till February.

Valley of Flowers National Park

Flowers National Park photoPhotos by raludwick,

This Valley of Flowers National park is situated at Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. Located in the surroundings of royal Zanskar Range, this is also the UNESCO world heritage site and is totally worth your time.

Located at a height of 3,858m beyond the sea level, the valley is comprised with millions of styles of wild flowers like the geranium, poppy, daisies, petunia, lilies, calendular and lot more. It is also the paradise for numerous types of butterflies as well as insects in addition. It is one among the best gorgeous and attractive destination in Uttarakhand.

Good Time to visit: The valley is said to open merely for the tourist and travelers that only during the months of May till October.

Cable Car Ride

cable car ride photoPhotos by raludwick,

Cable car rides are the ideal one for the traveler who would love in to pamper at breathtaking views of the scene without far troubles. The rope lines will easily connect the mountains and the high point where you could be seated in a comfort and delight in the scenery. In few minutes you will be able to traverse from almost one vantage point till the other vantage point.

Famous Places for Cable Car Ride: Auli stands to be the pretty impressive cable car ride. Nainital is not far behind. In Auli, enjoy the exhilarating ride of the longest cable car in Asia that covers a distance of 4km.

Robber’s Cave Dehradun

Robber’s Cave Dehradun one among the must be in the list destination at Uttarkhand. This 600 meters longest cave holds a fort like structure that is ten meters high. The robbers cave is one among the popular place for a bizarre natural occurrence. A tributary of water all of a sudden appears then then disappears underground, merely to look as if again a rare yards away. Try to spend more time in this pleasant and serene spot; it is the perfect for picnic at the same time for family day vacation.

Featured Image Photo by ramkrsna

Amazing Family Vacation- Exciting Things To Do In Uttarakhand

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