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Amazing Facts Behind Pootharekulu – The Paper Sweet Of Andhra

Pootharekulu or Poothareku is the famous sweet from the Atreyapuram, in East Godavari, India. In Telugu “Pootha” means coating and the “Rekulu” means sheet. This Pootharekulu is otherwise called to be the paper sweet of Andhra because of the appearance they appear similar to the folded paper. The magic of this paper sweet has got a unique flavor and richness of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

It is ultimately prepared from the thick rice starch that is recognized to be the greatly nutritious. Pootharekulu is made from the very thin sheets by which the sugar and ghee will be coated. Even though the customary process of preparation of this thrilling dish needs a bit of skill as well as practice, yet it could be learned easily.
This wafer-like sweet is been created at Atreyapuram, the village as well as mandal in East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The village is well recognized to making and trading of this sweet. It is said to be the labor-intensive job. Also, it can be procured at very much cheap prices. Through value addition, these turn out to be the delicacy that is sold at great prices in the cities.

It is a wafer-like sweet created in Atreyapuram, a village and mandal in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The village is well-known known for preparation and trading of this sweet. It is a labor-intensive job. It is procured at very cheap prices. With value additions, it becomes a delicacy which is sold at high prices in the cities. Since of the unremunerated returns and it is the dying technique.

Suppose you are from Andhra then, without a doubt, you will love this sweet as the part of your rich tradition. If you are from other states then you will be continuously slavering over the fantastic fine sugary flavor and we assure you that you will beg your Andhra friend to get more on the next trip. Pootharekulu will simply melt in your mouth.

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Pootharekulu – The dying art

Creating Pootharekulu is always a special art and not every people can do it perfectly. Because of this reason is not been spread and not tried beyond the twin Godavari districts and could every so often be seen in close big cities as well. It is said that efforts have been taken to get the Geographical tag for the sweet in addition, however, up to now, no work has taken place on that front. We have brought some amazing facts about Pootharekulu sweet that everyone must know, especially of you are a lover of this paper sweet.

The Name Means ‘Coated Sheet’

By way of intriguing as the dish which it is, Pootharekulu exactly means the coated sheets of sugar grounding. The major ingredient of this dish is the best powdered sugar, despite the fact, there is one more version of the sweet completed by jaggery as a possibility. Pootharekulu is created through the making of thin wrappers made out of the rice flour, pure ghee as well as large numbers of powdered sugar.

Hail From East Godavari

The Pootharekulu claims the origin from the Atreyapuram in the East Godavari district in the state of Andhra. The heritage is everlasting, and the region endures to arrogantly claim of this sweet in addition to sugary lineage. Each year, tons of Pootharekulu are moreover carrying across to further countries, completed from the modest kitchens of these destinations. One more widespread method which comes out of this province is the famed Maamidi Thandra otherwise Mango Jelly.

Sweet Indulgence which Buyers Truly Don’t Mind

Initially, from the coastal Andhra, the delicately crispy and delightful sweet is completely counted for its addictive savor. Overloaded by means of ample of calories, people, in fact, don’t mind the splurge while it comes to this wonderful sweet creation from the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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One of the Largest Cottage Industries

Exactly, Pootharekulu comes under the elite list of the biggest cottage industries in India. The business of creating and retailing Pootharekulu is said to be in existent for almost three generations. The greatest part is which the sweet is acquired at a very less price in addition to that is moreover exported for nearly a justified high price, supporting a lot of livelihoods.

400 Wrappers Every Day

It is been said that women at every house in Atreyapuram is preparing nearly 400 wrappers of the sweet in every single day and vends them to the vendors by the price of Rs 20 per 100 wrappers. Pootharekulu is the likewise supportable basis of income for the women who belong to the SHGs (Self Help Groups). This is the sweet that comes with an equal sweeter outcome for the life of people who create this paper sweet.

A Simple recipe of Pootharekulu


Rice starch
Powders sugar: 2 cups
Ghee: ½-1 cup


  1. Take some amount of rice starch (gruel or “ganji”) as well as smear it above the upturned earthenware pot which is heated over the fire from beneath. So this forms the very thin rice sheet since it is been formed due to the heat.
  2. Make sure you apply the ghee wisely above the sheet at the same time sprinkle the powdered sugar. Optionally, you can sprinkle certain cardamom powder also.
  3. Then layer the sheets, by repeating the method of applying the ghee and sprinkle the powdered sugar for each and every layer.
  4. Slice into roughly 4 inch long pieces.

At the modern times, maida is been sometimes used instead to that of the starch. It is initially mixed with the ghee as well as water to create a smooth dough. Tiny balls are made and are rolled into thin sheets by way of a puri presser. Ghee in addition to sugar is then applied. Then the step 3 and 4 from the above directions is been directed.
Pootharekulu is indeed a treat to have this sweet as it is uniquely made and has an excellent taste.

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Featured Image Photo: Puta Rekulu by kkalyan under CC BY-SA 2.0


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