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India is a land that is full of impressive architectural temples and monuments. In many ways, it can be a land of delight for pilgrims and travelers. On the other hand, India is also known as a land of diverse cultures. Hence, one can find a wide variety of architectural delights of various religions. In this context, it is important to mention the name of the Amarkantak temple. It casts an indelible imprint of spirituality on the minds of the Indian traveler as well as the pilgrims. The word Amarkantak is derived from the Sanskrit language that means the constant source. It is also considered as one of the main pilgrim hubs in the central part of India. Moreover, this town has a lot of importance to the pilgrims and is also often regarded as “Theertharaja” which signifies that it is the king among all the pilgrimage sites of India.

The purity of Amarkantak is linked with the sacred nature of the river Narmada. It is also regarded as the land that has witnessed many stories. It also has seen the rise and fall of several empires starting from the rule of many foreign rulers to the Pandavas. On the other hand, each temple and great structure in Amarkantak depicts several assorted styles that best explain the era of architectural grandeur. It is one of those offbeat location with the help of which a tourist or pilgrim can rejuvenate his or her senses. Another interesting thing about this place Amarkantak lies in the form of the fact that the place is situated between the two rivers mainly Sone and Narmada. It is also known as one of the auspicious lands for Hindus as a majority of pilgrimage sites and temples are situated close to Amarkantak.

Amarkantak photoPhoto by nevil zaveri (thank you for 15 million+ views)

The significance of the Amarkantak Temple as a pilgrimage site

For many Hindus, the Amarkantak temple denotes holiness and purity. The locals in the Madhya Pradesh are of the opinion that the place is pure and auspicious as it lies between the sources of the two rivers. Moreover, as per the popular beliefs of Hindu, the mighty Narmada is the source of power and divinity and it also provides strength to many pilgrims. The Narmada begins its journey from a region called Mai Ki Bagiya in Amarkantak. On the other hand, the waterfalls of the Kapil Dhara and Dugdha Dhara usually appeals and attracts both secular and religious travelers. The Mai Ki Bagiya is one of the most beautiful sites in the valley of Amarkantak and is the reason behind appealing to the likes of many tourists. Besides that Amarkantak is also famous for its unique surroundings that are lush green in nature. These lush green surroundings can greatly attract the likes of many travelers and pilgrims and thus helps them to relax properly.

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The architecture of the Amarkantak Temple

The Amarkantak temple has the unique prestige of being maintained by the Archeological Survey of India which is also abbreviated as ASI. There are several temples in Amarkantak region, but few depict the grandeur of architecture like that of the Amarkantak temple. In other words, this temple projects magnificence and glory of the yesteryears. Moreover, these temples in Amarkantak are about to be classified under the category of world heritage sites. It is so because each of the temples in this region depicts a unique form of architecture and engineering delight. The list of temples which are revered for their architectural and engineering marvels are as follows:

Amarkantak photoPhoto by nevil zaveri (thank you for 15 million+ views)

The Karna Math: It is a widely accepted fact that the Karna Math is one of the most revered temples in Amarkantak. In other words, this temple has holy meanings for the pilgrims and the visitors. The temple is very simple, but it exudes elegance and magnificence in its structure. This is the reason that it has been identified by the ASI as a world heritage site. The only element of design seen in this temple is the presence of a horse shaped window. Moreover, these windows are present at the tower of the temple which in turn gives it an appealing look. Not many designs can be found on the body of the temple, but the unique color of the walls makes it a popular choice of architectural marvel among the travelers. On the other hand, the tower of this temple is built in a Nagara style.

Pataleshvar Temple: The Pataleshvar Temple is another famous temple in the Amarkantak region. It is a temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Moreover, as this temple is constructed below the ground level, it depicts an image that the temple is built on the ground. Moreover, due to the reason that it is based on the field level, it is known as the Pataleshvar Temple. The mandapa roof of this temple is finished in a pyramidal shape, and this is why it is known as one of the most different temples in the region of Amarkantak. Another important fact about the temples in Amarkantak is that they are all dedicated to Raja Karna.

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The Vishnu Temple: It is another popular temple in Amarkantak that is famous for its unique design that greatly appeals to the students. This temple has a different hall that is adorned with a lot of unique designs. Moreover, these models usually possess the unique ability to attract visitors towards them. For the likes of pilgrims and travelers, this temple should be a must watch temple in Amarkantak. This temple can be accessed from a wide variety of transport. In this context, it is important to note that as this region is slowly developing itself as a major tourist spot, the transportation services are improving to a significant level. Moreover, the magnificence of this temple speaks volume of the engineering marvel that it depicts.

Featured Photo by angelic_shrek

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