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It is a good time now since it is the time of the Santa Claus coming to the town now! As some of you know that India does not celebrate Christmas as they celebrate in the Wild West part regions. However, we do Indians have our specific style of celebrating the Christmas which offers forgiveness, grace, love and utmost prominently the turn off sharing. In reality, at numerous parts of the country, Christmas is celebrated by way of splendor and show, enthusiasm and zeal; apart from that the diverse traditions and customs which enhance the exciting flavor to the gala of this festival at India. So, that is the reason we have to bring out this time a quite a lot of places which are very famous places in India to celebrate Christmas.



Goa is the connotation for festivity, particularly, while it comes to Christmas celebration. Having the greater sizable in Roman Catholic population and does not fail to recall the Portuguese legacy, Goa holds the impression of rejoicing Christmas by pomp and zeal and then show. Always Goa is called to be the party capital region of India, and now at the time during this Advent Season it turns up even livelier and once could really sense the greatly spoken cordiality of Christmas. The whole town is been decorated by way of poinsettia flowers as well as lights.

During the midnight, masses will be arranged with singing carols at the same time this goes until early hours of the next morning. Furthermore, the beach shacks in addition to restaurants will also serve Christmas lunches than dinners along with the live bands playing around. If you want to delight in some of the entire night long parties then you could relish in the structured parties that are been set at the beaches such as Mapusa, Anjuna, and then Candolim.



The French impact at Puducherry has created some good indeed. If you are looking for the zealous Christmas celebration which is peaceful on the top of it, then the Puducherry is the ideal destination for you. Similar to Goa, Puducherry to have the best population of Roman Catholic population that means where this Union Territory has too got its unique way of celebration this jubilant event. At the time of the Christmas season, Puducherry will become brighter at the same time you could feel the enthusiasm in the atmosphere and you are forced to be the part of it.

The church services that is been done at the time of Christmas is really a treat to watch such like churches Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges, Church of Our Lady of Good Health are pretty much a good sight to look at.



As we all know that Kerala always remains to be the house of numerous churches and very well could guess that this place stands to be the greatest destination for celebrating the Christmas. Each and every street would be decorated in addition to the churches that will remain more or less all night. The interesting part is that the restaurants will come and take part in these events by offering great discounts on the food and drinks. You can see the native touch for this high spirit carnival and this is something that you must really have to witness than rather telling about it.

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Furthermore adding the delight to the festival you can relish in the stunning beaches as well as tranquil backwaters, where you will really need to spend some time.



Mumbai is, however, another thrilling place in India to celebrate the Christmas, where you could feel the warmth of the Christmas at the greater extends. You can notice the bakeries are bursting with the best seasons desserts as well as the shopping falls are adorned at the way to give celebratory atmosphere.

The western environs of Bandra are the exact area where you could find the spirit of Christmas could be sensed the utmost, this region is normally populated by Catholics and hence one could find the houses as well as streets decked by way of lights and Christmas trees. Moreover, there are a lot of churches in Mumbai like the Holy Name Cathedral, Gloria Church, Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, Saint Michael’s Church, Saint Peter’s Church, Mount Mary’s Basilica, Saint Andrew’s Church also Lady of Immaculate Conception, where you will be able to attend energetic night mass. As Mumbai is the outstanding home for the party; you could think a lot of Christmas parties here in addition.

Daman and Diu


Cheers to this Portuguese link which this Union territory at India holds the charming method of celebrating the Christmas festival. Being located at the off the coast of Goa, the or else quiet Daman and Diu turn out to be bright as well as lively at the time of Christmas season. You can have the fun filled Christmas by enjoying the multiple cultural events that are organized here. Once could find the Portuguese dance form such as Corrindinho here. The striking lamps revivify the night sky creating these places outstanding all through the festive season. Certain people would like visit and attend the mass at the popular churches such as Se Cathedral, Church of Our Lady of Rosary and the Saint Paul’s Church.

Dadra Nagar and Haveli

The Dadra Nagar and Haveli are certain of the smaller spoken about destinations, yet they have the great abilities to convert to be the best famous tourist attraction places in India. Preferably, December month is the good time to explore this Union Territory as one could eyewitness the grand festivity here. Christmas is almost celebrated in the traditional method also you can find a little tribal touch in it that is pretty much exciting to see.

You can find various numbers of fascinating churches in the Dadra Nagar and Haveli and when during the time of the Christmas Eve they are very much royally decorated. If you would like to attend the midnight mass in any of the Churches at the time of this festive spirit then that would be really a memorable one. Furthermore, from all, Dadra Nagar and Haveli also have certain exotic beaches, where you can have a calm and serene sometime over there at this Christmas carnival.



The City of Ecstasy turns out to be livelier as well as brighter throughout the Christmas season. You can notice the aroma of fresh fruit cake and pastries filling the air at the same time some of the markets become packed. Even though Christmas is not said to be one of the chief celebrations at Kolkata, the city has certain affection involved to it.

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The Park Street is one among the place which creates the celebratory mood go exaggerated. You might discover that apart from the Christians, people from further communities offers prayers as well as singing carols during the midnight mass at the churches. Besides, all through the festive season hefty discounts at the items in the market and bazaar could be purchased that makes the bazaars in the Kolkata pretty much busy. Light in addition to the sound exhibition, rocking music, and sparkling lights then delicious food creates the atmosphere at the city merrier!



The dazzling Christmas celebration waits at Shillong for everyone. Since many of the people will not plan their trip towards Shillong during the winter season. So if you plan your holiday to spend your vacation at the time of Christmas there then you will really enjoy the peaceful however joyful Christmas here.

You can discover a sizable population of Christians over here, so Christmas is moreover celebrated with a much enthusiasm and zeal. The churches, houses, and streets are ornate by way of sparkling lights; people will cook customary cuisine, in addition, to spending time on signing carols as well as hymns at the evening time. Certain churches to have some local bands who plays the gospel music along with it.



Are you searching for a destination to celebrate a white Christmas in India? Then Manali would be the perfect choice to go for. This well celebrated Himachal destination is ideal for those who need to celebrate the Christmas in the midst of actual snow.

Regularly it snows in the course of the Christmas time at Manali that offers the travelers the chance to relish skiing as well as making snowman otherwise humbly throwing snowball towards each other. One might too similarly to live in one among the log huts, which certainly enrich the Christmas mood. Though, take care that you book hotels in advance since a lot of people at the month of December visit Manali town.



In Bangalore Christmas is celebrated through the energetic spirit. The complete town comes to be decorated up throughout the advent period in addition to places such as malls, markets then restaurant will start to afford discounts also distinctive menus in turn.

The region’s leading by Christians are aesthetically decorated. A large number of shows is planned at the city so as to create Christmas further mesmerizing as well as fun. In the churches like the Christian Fellowship Church, St. Mary’s Basilica, and City Harvest AG Church one might too like to appear for the midnight masses.



Vibrant Delhi becomes, however, one more reason to party at the month of December. At the time of Christmas season, Delhi delight in the atmosphere of feeling all over its length also breadth by way of shopping malls adorned, Christian areas covered by sparkling lights then clubs in addition to lounges tossing theme parties from time to time.

The fame of this fiesta could be recognized by the great crowd regardless of the religion at the Sacred Heart Church positioned at the Connaught Place while the midnight mass. Also, the frosty weather will not reduce the appeal of the warmness of Christmas, which the city holds. Delhi is surely one among the best destinations in India, where you will for sure tell us that Christmas celebration is worth seeing.

Alluring Places In India To Celebrate Christmas

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