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Agra Fort

Agra is everything that India promises to be from historic architectural sites to glorious palaces where the royalty of India lived and rested. Agra is one of the most famous places of the world because of the presence of one of the seven wonders of world, Taj Mahal. This immortal monument dedicated to love is not Agra’s only tourist attraction, Agra Fort is another enchanting attraction of Agra and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Agra Fort is also known as the elder sister of Taj as it was built long before Taj. It was initially built completely out of bricks by Chauhan Rajputs. It witnessed the reign of Sikandar Lodi after Chauhan Rajputs who crowned Agra as the capital of the country in 1517. After Sikandar’s death, Ibrahim Lodi, his son ruled over the country from Agra for 9 years. Agra Fort was introduced by Mughals after the defeat of Ibrahim Lodi by Babur in the battle of Panipat. In the reign of Akbar and till Shah Jahan, Agra Fort was adorned with red sandstone and then with white marble.

Spread over an area of 94 acre, it is surrounded by a 21.4 meter high fortification wall. It is a crescent shaped monument with four gates out of which two were walled up in the later stages. Now the entry to the monument is open to the visitors through the Amar Singh Gate.

Some of the major attractions of the fort are:

Agra Fort photo
Agra Fort, The Jasmine Tower by Ashley Van Haeften under CC BY 2.0


Sheesh Mahal

Used as the as the harem dressing room, the glass mosaic decoration of this palace enthralls tourists.


The charm of this palatial building lies in its intricate design and elegant decorations. Its facade marble pillars studded with semi-precious stones, interior decoration and floral designs heighten its glory and mesmerize tourists. This was the hall of private audience where emperors used to holds their official meetings.


This served as a venue for holding the public meetings where the emperor would listen to the petitions of the people of his kingdom. The attractions of this building lies in its triple arched royal canopy which has lavish ornamentation and splendid Jaalis or screened windows. Through these screened windows women of the royal families used to see the court activities.

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Jahangir Mahal

This double storied beautiful palace was especially built for the royal women by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. The attractive charming design of this palace lies in its intricate designed stone brackets that support the beams and Persian verses have been carved on the outer wall of this structure. It is renowned across the globe for its protruding balconies and domed chhatries/umbrella shaped structures which enthrall tourists during their visit.

Khass Mahal

This was the bedroom of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The paintings on the white marble surface are a main attraction of this apartment and amazes tourists who come here to feel the glory of bygone era. The architectural pattern of this palace is based on the Islamic -Persian style of design and decorations

The other popular attractions this fort are Moti Masjid which is the mosque built in white marble, Jehangiri Mahal which is built in red sand stone by the Emperor Akbar for his beautiful queen Jodhabai, Pearl mosque, Nagina Masjid, Garden of Grapes, Fish Pavilion and the place where the Emperor took his last breath popularly known as Musamman Burj.

Some Important information about the fort

Fort Timings: Sunrise to sunset

Daily Sound and Light shows are held at Agra fort: Hindi Show- 07:00 PM and English Show- 08:00 PM

Featured Photo of Taj Mahal by *saipal under CC BY 2.0

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