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Unlike ours, the life of the Aghoris is something totally inexplicable. Something that is beyond imagination and would actually give Goosebumps to any normal person. They are 1000 years old sect and live a life that is totally bizarre, their group is based on end number of odd and eccentric practices. Let’s know more about the Aghoris, the strange sect of people in India.

Aghoris, the Worshippers Of Lord Shiva

Aghori photoPhoto by Archit Ratan Photography

Aghoris are essentially passionate worshippers of Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali. This group of sadhus strongly believe in the ritual they follow. According to their beliefs this is what would get them close to attain moksha and free them from the cycle of rebirth. Most of the Aghoris are found in Varanasi (Benaras the holy city of india).

7 Frightening Facts About Aghoris

They are the most weird and feared group of sadhus in India as I said, don’t you want to know what makes them so? Let’s know some of the most horrific details of rituals performed by Aghoris. Read on some nerve cracking facts about them. Note, this is not for people with weak heart.

Aghori photoPhoto by naishh

1. Living Naked, Just Like They Were Born

Aghoris are hippies in all senses. They are just not shy of their structure. In fact, they strongly believe that there is nothing to be shy or hide their bodies. This is one noteworthy thing that most of the hippies stay naked and also survive in the extreme weather conditions. Although being naked might sound weird to many of you, but don’t you think they need hats off for this one?

2. They Believe Hatred Is Overvalued

The Aghoris always stay chilled out. Guess one of the main reasons is that they feel that it is impossible to achieve moksha if one is impolite to others. One of the most sweet gestures that you would see in the Aghoris is that they share their food with dogs, cats and cattle’s. While most of us rudely ask them to stay out.

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3. They Relish Rotten Leftovers

Living a cannibalism life style, for the Aghoris nothing is truly off limit. Nope do not prefer to add a dash of salt and pepper on each and every human being they see. But they don’t hesitate to eat the dead. The Aghoris are also known to eat feces, isn’t that a repulsive thing. To add further to the uncanny, they throw feces around as prasadams for their devotees. The Aghoris also eat from dumps and they believe that nothing is more relishing than rotten left overs. I know this sounds way to weird, but this is how they are. People say that this done to always remind themselves to be down to earth.

4. Bosses Of Reprocessing

Yes, they are truly masters of recycling. Think of Aghoris and you instantly think of skulls, isn’t it? Well, finding a skull is the first job of an Aghori? The skull serves as their bowl for life. This bowl is used by the Aghoris to eat anything and everything that comes in their way. Another use of the skull is that it also used as their bathing mug!

5. Gripping Over The Dead

This one literally gave me Goosebumps, it would make you think that they actually have a love affair with dead people. Aghoris are very popular for having sex with dead people. They also meditate in the cremation ground. One of the most weirdest thing, for having sex with a living women they first need to convince them as forcing is against their beliefs. Adding to that they can have sex with that women only on the cremation ground and ensure that the women is totally covered with the ashes of the dead. Sickened? Well one more repulsive fact is that the woman should be having her menstrual period.

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6. Masters Of Tantric Pratices

Yes, all this is for Black Magic and they are the true masters of tantric practices. The dreadful black magic rituals is one fact that makes them totally notorious. But, the Aghoris are restricted to use their powers for anything harmful. They are known for frequently transferring sicknesses from the body of peoples (who come to them for help) to their own.

7. Dreadlocks Are Their Brand Image

The Aghoris just do not believe in getting haircuts done. They allow their hairs to grow in any direction it wishes too. Nope they are not worried about maintain personal hygiene.

There are end number of reasons that make us scowl on and antipathy this clique. But there are many facts lying behind the rituals and practices they follow. They also have some basic and relevant explanations, check them out:

  • Everything is pure and nothing is impure
  • There should be no dichotomies in nature
  • God is one
  • There should be no discrimination.

Living the life of an Aghoris might sound wired and a lot more than that. But one fact is that living their life is not easy. They might be a feared and weird group of people, but they are living very much human like us. Hence, respect them.

Did you like this post? Do you know more interesting facts about the Aghoris? Then what are you waiting for? Quickly share it with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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Aghoris, The Most Feared And Revered Group Of Sadhus In India

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