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Agartala is the capital of the Tripura state. It is been located on the banks of Haora River that is very much close to the border with Bangladesh. Tripura is one among the seven states which form the northeastern area of India.

It was to be the capital of the previous generous state of Tripura. Then it shot into the prominence once after the Maharaja Krishna Manikya swapped his capital to the city. Perfection is the correct word that can be used for these architectural monuments of the city. The red government buildings are at divergence among the extraordinarily common white old British buildings which are till date in existence and in use. Numerous of the monuments had been picked as UNESCO world heritage sites.

Agartala holds the best sporting tradition, through several games and sports being played. Particularly favourite is the football (soccer) through its specific city football league. Agartala is well-known for its periodic fruits. The Queen and Kew types of pineapple are the best famous here. The Tripura Orange is celebrated for its great juice content and extraordinary sweetness. The Tripura orange ranks to be the highest honour quite a lot of times at all India “Citrus Show”. Do not fail to stopover the orange gardens, cashew orchards litchi orchards, and pineapple gardens.

The Durga pooja festival is celebrated here with a great zeal and pomp. Once the more leading festival is the Saraswati Pooja that is also celebrated traditionally. The city is paradise to 19 ethnic tribal groups as well as Bengali speaking non-tribals.


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The ruler Maharaja Krishna Chandra Manikya Bahadur of the great Manikya Dynasty is one who swapped the capital of Swadhin Tripura to Agartala city during the period of 19th century. The former capital was Rangamati at south Tripura. It was swapped to old Agartala that was called to be the Haveli’. Due to the continuous invasion by the Kuki’s and to maintain the communication through the British Bengal, the Maharaja moved his capital from Old Haveli to New Haveli (current Agartala) at 1849. At the time of British Raj, Agartala was said to be the capital of the former state of ‘Hill Tippera’.

For the period of the supremacy of Maharaja Bir Chandra Manikya (that was during the year1862), the Agartala Municipality was shaped. At the 1940s the city was intentional and reconstructed accurately by way of new roads, buildings and markets.


The Indo-Bangladesh border is merely 2 km far from the city of Agartala. So the attitude, tradition, culture and behaviour of natives are dominated by way of the Bengali culture. The language of Bengali is spoken however the Kokborok remains to be the additional official language.

The fairs and festivals that are celebrated with great zeal and fervor are the best ever local festival moreover from the Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja. Agartala is the place for numerous Buddhist pilgrimage centres and temples too.

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The Tripura Government state Museum stocks certain erratic stone images, historical old coins and archaeological manufactured article. The best exciting segment here exhibits the growth and antiquity of the state. Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya built the luxurious house for his friend great leader Rabindranath Tagore. The house is called the Ravindra Kanan. The Raima Valley is termed to be the mother of the tribal for Tripura.


The Kaman Chowmuhani and Gol Bazaar region are the foremost business and shopping places of the city.

Fun Facts

Football is the most favourite sport in the city of Agartala and they also have their own football league.

Where to Stay

The government offers guest houses at a best in class budget lodging in the Agartala city. There also a lot of private hotels where they give rooms for the budget travellers. The charges vary from INR 200 to INR 500. Even though the Luxury hotels are few, in number available yet tariffs range from INR 2,500 to INR 4,000 per room. The hotels furthermore offer to pick up and drop from that of the airport and railway station.

Where to Eat

The eating options are very much limited in the Agartala city. The modern restaurants will afford you the wide range of Indian variety food. The restaurants that are been attached to the hotels will provide you with the cuisine style like Chinese, Continental and Indian.
The food here is less expensive than that compared to the further parts of India. It is heavy dominated from the Bengali cuisine as well as Bengali sweets and pretty popular here. You can also notice many amazing street foods here. The chief streets of the town will normally be with full of commotion at the evening time and you could get everything from tea till popcorn, as well as your desired fried snacks.

Good Time to Travel

Agartala revels in very much moderate and pleasing climate during all through the year. However, the month of October till March is the best time for travelling to the city.

Things to Do

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Ujjayanta Palace

This palace is been built by the Radhakishore Manikaya during the year of 1901, it was constructed in almost in Indo-Greek style. The musical foundation also resembles those of the Mughal gardens. During night times, the building is ignited up by way of colourful lights. The palace is recently used as the Assembly House of Tripura.

Venuban Vihar

This is a stunning Buddhist shrine that is been situated at almost 2 km from the Agartala. The idol of great lord Buddha is been created at Burma and then be brought to India. The festival of Buddha Purnima is been celebrated with much zeal. Also, a fair is been held on this occasion.

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Kunjaban Palace

It is said to be constructed in the year of 1927 as the recreation place for the King Birendra Kishore Manikya, it is recently turned out to be the official residence for the Governor of Tripura state. A Certain part of the palace is said to open for public.

Lake Domboor

The extensive lake that is been created because of the merging of Raima River and Saima River. This is been spread across 45 sq km and said to hold 48 islands. This place is known for the biodiversity, it is chosen by wandering birds. Every year on the month of January 14, a huge crowd will gather to celebrate the Pous Sankranti Mela’.

Places to Explore near Agartala

Jampui hills

The Jampui hill is located roughly about 240 km from the Agartala. This is otherwise called to be the ‘the eternal hills of spring’. You can notice an extensive range of orchids and oranges. The ropeway is famous among the tourists as well as the natives for the bird’s view of the valley it provides.


Gives the meaning as one less than a crore, the stone statues are situated at a distance of almost 175 km from the Agartala. Archaeologists trust Unnakoti was the Shaivite holy destination at the period of 8th to 9th centuries. Based on the local legend, mighty Lord Shiva when on his way to Kashi together with 9999999 gods and goddesses need to halt for the night in the place presently known as the Unnakoti. Shiva instructed all gods and goddesses to wake up before sunrise. But, no one excluding Shiva woke up by the specified time. Short-tempered lord Shiva got angry on seeing this and cursed the gods as well as goddesses to turn out into a stone and went away on his own.


This is been constructed as the best summer resort for the ruler Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya during the year 1930. Neermahal otherwise called to be the stunning water palace is situated about 50 km from that of Agartala. The splendid palace is erected right at the centre of Rudrasagar Lake. It is a lovely blend of both Hindu as well as Islamic architectural styles. Countless of migratory birds fly towards the Rudrasagar Lake.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is positioned at a distance of nearly 35 km from Agartala, the park is been developed mutually for the wildlife sanctuary and as the academic and research centre. It holds five distinct sections and is expanded across 18.5 sq km. It claims of a huge range of wildlife, particularly birds as well as primates. Apart from these all the sanctuary moreover houses a lake, botanical garden, and zoo.

Agartala-The Unexplored Capital Of Tripura

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