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It is an amazing creation of nature. The white splashing water running down those green hills makes the scenario magnificent and breathtaking. Waterfalls are the splitting voices with stunning views. These are one of the best natural wonders.

World’s top ten most beautiful waterfalls

There are several wonderful waterfalls throughout the world. The world’s top ten most beautiful waterfalls are:

Indian Waterfalls photo

Photo by spo0nman

  1. Victoria falls in Zimbabwe: It is a wonderful waterfall located on Zambia border. This amazing waterfall can be spotted many kilometers away as it is a very large waterfall. The waterfall pictures white splashing water falling in a straight line for about 354ft.
  2. Iguazu falls in Argentina/Brazil: This waterfall is found in a place between Brazil and Argentina. It is a marvelous waterfall which is very impressive. This beautiful waterfall is just 87m high
  3. Angel falls in Venezuela: This fall is the highest waterfall in the world and the most beautiful one among the world’s top ten most beautiful waterfalls. This waterfall has got its name after the discoverer Jimmie Angel.

4.Kaieteur falls in Guyana: This waterfall pictures a large curvy rainbow at the place where the water drops. This wild waterfall is a beauty to watch with white splashes, green surroundings, and translucent clouds.

Indian Waterfalls photoPhoto by Jeff Pang

  1. Niagara falls in USA/Canada: This impressive waterfall is found between the borders of USA and Canada. This is the most famous waterfall among these world’s top ten most beautiful waterfalls. This waterfall is actually formed of two different sections. The one is the Horseshoe fall which is found on the Canadian side and the other is the American fall. The American waterfall pictures on the American side which is only70-100ft. The Horseshoe Falls are the most impressive and attractive waterfall and water drops here from 173ft high.
  2. Gullfoss in Iceland: This fall is a very beautiful waterfall and also called golden falls. It is a magnificent waterfall located in Iceland near Southwest. It is just 36-68ft high.
  3. Plitvice falls in Croatia: This waterfall looks just stunning because of its watercolor. The water colors sometimes seem azure, sometimes crystal clear and even sometimes turquoise. This waterfall is not very high and located somewhere near Croatia. This waterfall pictures hundreds of falls with change in water color.
  4. Yosemite falls in USA: This is the highest fall in Northern America. It is about 2425ft high. The source of the water here is melted snow. It is found in Sierra Nevada at California.
  5. Sutherland falls in New Zealand: This waterfall falls in three cascades which give it a unique shape of a landscape; this wonderful waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world and is 580m high. It is located in Firodland at New Zealand.
  6. Nohkalikai fall in India: There are several waterfalls India consists of. One such waterfall is the fall of Nohkalikai. It is a very impressive waterfall with a pool below the fall and the pool has green colored water. It is about 1100ft high.
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Indian Waterfalls photoPhoto by PRAVEEN VENUGOPAL

Some best waterfalls in India: There are many waterfalls India can make you amazed. Joy falls in Karnataka is the most impressive one. It is also counted among the ten highest waterfalls, India. Meenmutty Falls in Kerala is the most beautiful waterfall, India. It is also the tallest waterfall in Kerala.  Athirappilly Falls is the largest waterfall in Kerala; it attracts lots of tourists each year. Another breathtaking waterfall, the Kune Fall, is situated in India near Pune.

All the beautiful waterfall India are the best places to visit in the monsoon seasons. The natural wonders, magnificent waterfalls, brimming lakes, and high mountains are the best scenery to ever see. These waterfalls are the most adventurous places to visit as they seem very dangerous and frightening. But these waterfalls are actually the true beauty of nature. So if you are a nature lover and want to experience the breathtaking falls then pack your bags this monsoon for waterfall India or abroad trips.

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Adrenaline Junkies, Go Rappelling Down A Waterfalls This Monsoon!

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