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Adlabs Imagica, Mumbai – Largest Entertainment Theme Park In Asia

Adlabs Imagica, located around Lonavala near Mumbai and Pune, is Asia’s largest entertainment theme park. The design of the magnificent water park is based on the theme of the scintillating city of Mykonos, Greece. Covering an area of 110 acres it hosts some of the most popular fun rides and water attractions coupled with stage shows, street performances, and delicious foods.

The entire theme park had emerged phase-wise, each phase possessing a unique value

  • Phase 1 – Adlabs Imagica with the rides and shows started operating from 18th April 2013
  • Phase 2 – The water park, Adlabs Aquamagica, started functioning from 25th September 2014
  • Phase 3 – A four-star hotel started operating from 2015.

Zones or Sections at the Theme Park

The park is pretty huge compared to the two most famous and big entertainment theme parks of Asia – Universal Studios, Singapore (49 acres of land) and Disneyland, HongKong (55 acres of land).

The Theme park is divided into six zones or sections

  • India
  • Americana (USA)
  • Viva Europa (Europe)
  • Asiana (Futuristic World)
  • Jambo Africa (Africa)
  • Arabia (Middle East)

The park is located near the industrial city of Khopoli and the lush green city of Khalapur. The nearest airports are Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and Pune International Airport. The nearest railway stations are at Karjat and Khopoli. By car, it takes 90 minutes from Mumbai and Pune with the park being situated just off the Mumbai – Pune Expressway (NH4). From Lonavala and Khopoli, it takes only 20 minutes to reach the park by car. Several AC shuttle buses also ply throughout Mumbai and Pune to reach the park.

The Rides

The Rides section of the park attracts people of all ages starting from kids till the adults.

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The Breathtaking Land Rides

The main attraction of the park is Nitro, Asia’s largest floorless roller coaster. The ride will transform you into an exhilarating world with its five 360 degree inversions and an electrifying speed of almost 104.9 km/hour. Reaching up to a height of 132 to 142 feet, you will feel the essence of the elevation to stimulate your nerves.

The park is an exemplary place for adventure loving riders. Present at the “Americana Zone” are two very exciting fun-filled rides, the Scream Machine and the Gold Rush Express. The rides will leave the guests screaming as they turn upside down and rise to towering altitudes.

A dare-devil ride awaits the brave hearts inside the park premises. The D2 Dare Drop drops the riders with a straight vertical free fall from a soaring height of 132 feet, providing the greatest scintillating and thrilling experience. Deep Space is another similar roller coaster ride accelerating the riders inside its dome-shaped structure. The last but not the least is the Mambo Chai Chama – Crazy Team Cups in the “Jumbo Africa” zone, providing an intensifying experience of rotating in giant tea cups.

The Interesting Animated Theme Based Musical Shows

An interesting aspect of the park is the theme based shows and films based on popular movies and fiction characters. You can watch a spectacular film about India, shot from a helicopter, in a 90 feet indoor auditorium in the “India” Zone. The zone also features the entertaining reflection of the film “Mr. India” portraying Mr. India, Mogambo, Seema, Calendar, the robot, and the kids. Accompanied by jet packs, water blasters, motion and advanced simulation the film also has the voices of the famous Indian actors Anil Kapoor and Sridevi.

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Almost every one of us in our childhood have been amused by the Arabian Tale “Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr”. You will be transmitted to the city of Gulabad in the India Zone where a vehicle equipped with laser guns will carry you along the railway tracks. You can enjoy shooting the thieves in the city lanes. The mysterious journey around the park continues with a breathtaking trail through the spine-chilling dungeons of Salimgarh. And if you intend to be a little sensational then watch the mermaid tale atop a 360 degree dome in the Prince of the Dark Waters. Six Christie projectors create a vivacious atmosphere around. The park also hosts the spectacular display of live Wrath of the Gods show enthralling the audience with its special effects and multimedia animation display.

The Fun-Filled Water Rides

Myriad array of water rides keep the visitors engaged and entertained throughout the day. Be it an adventurous boar ride within the ecstatic land of dinosaurs or a scintillating ride in a pirate boat, the thrilling nature of the water rides quenches the stimulating minds. To add more to its wonders, are the Loch Ness Explorers, Save The Pirate and the Bump It Boat Rides.

The Delightful Kiddie Rides

An amazing set of kid’s rides enthrall the little ones. It is magical to watch them giggle and chuckle as they sway in the Magic Carousel, illuminated with bright lights and vibrant colors. Their delight will get further uplifted with the cute merry-go-around featuring Elephant Tubby.

If you want a relaxing ride to soothe and cool your heart, the park doesn’t step behind in that. The Bandits of Robin Hood Roller Coaster in the “Viva Europa” zone is the perfect choice.

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The Stage Shows

Three marvellous stage shows are one of the special attractions in Adlabs Magica Theme park.

Neera, the beautiful mermaid of the park, emerges out of a lagoon to entertain the audience with her melodious songs. Every evening she appears with her soulful music along with the dancing fountains.

Elephant Tubby, the storyteller, transmits the minds of the kids to a fancy land as he floats them into the flowing breezy air inside the park.

The park also hosts a gleaming and breathtaking laser show, entertaining the audience every evening.

Street Entertainment

There are few spectacular street shows at the Imagica Theme park performed by skilled artists, worthy of appreciation. The Floating Baba, a magic show at the “Arabia” zone, Flippers, a stunt show at the “Asiana” zone, BoomBoxers, a harmonious performance at the “Americana” zone, charming the audience to dance with the tune and Imagicarnival, a striking parade of dancers, magicians, talented performers, clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers, cartoon characters and many more.

Food Joints

Restaurants and food stalls from various countries of the world are present at the Theme Park where you can experience the different cuisines with their respective delicacies. The famous among them are ZEZE Bar and Grill, restaurants serving Indian buffet and Italian delicacies, Red Bonnet American Diner, Roberto’s Food coaster serving Indian, Mexican, Italian and Asian food on a moving roller coaster and Open-air Armada Tapas bar on the deck of a ship.

The Adlabs Imagica theme park is an ideal weekend getaway for spending an entire day with family and friends. It is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate the mind and soul from the daily humdrum and anxieties of life.

Featured Photo of ‘Adlabs Imagica 2013’ by Aaditya Bardhan under CC BY-SA 2.0


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