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A Treasure Hub Of The Heritage Of Pinjore Garden Festival

Pinjore Gardens is better known as Yadavindra Gardens and is a pit-stop destination which has always attracted tourists traveling from or to Shimla or Kasauli. A whopping percentage of tourists motor up to cooler climbs of the aforementioned places keep a track of this garden and treat it as the historical site which is convenient stop-over spot!

Expecting a Bollywood couple dancing around this garden would definitely not be an overstatement! The garden is laid out right in the steps around the column of the central fountains right in the shadow of Shivaliks! Nevertheless, what attests to the gardens’ Mughal roots are the architectural complex! In the recent days, it has become a major spot for Pinjore Heritage Festival that gets organized by the tourism department of Haryana!

A perfect weekend gateway, the illustrious past and cultural extravaganza are some of the things that you should explore upon a visit here. From what can be jotted down via Pinjore garden festival 2019, some of them have been portrayed below. If you aim at visiting the place, just make sure to know everything about Pinjore garden entry fee in the first place!

A Treasure Hub of the Heritage of Pinjore Garden Festival
Photo of ‘Pinjore Garden’ by Aleksandr Zykov under CC BY-SA 2.0

A Glimpse of Pinjore Garden Festival

Mobilizing artists for participating in the two-day fest is a brilliant initiative that started in the year 2006. The basic idea was to highlight the significance of the gardens that is poised on the gradient at the Himalayas foot. The event is always scheduled from October to December every year. Folk performers, craftsman, dancers, instrumentalists, restaurateurs, designers all collaborate in the midst of the amazing setting. The gardens are seen twinkling with lights and marble fountains which makes tourist experience all the more magical.

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According to what can be stated about Pinjore garden baisakhi mela, Anarkali Bazaar happens to be a regular feature at the festival’s editions and happens to be a highlight here. It has been inspired by the street bazaars, local traders as well as artisans. The hotel management organizations from the adjoining cities come together to with food stalls. Some of them include creamy Patiala recipes, stuffed kulchas, tandoori items, as well as street foods of different states.

A Treasure Hub of the Heritage of Pinjore Garden Festival
Photo of ‘Pinjore Garden’ by Aleksandr Zykov under CC BY-SA 2.0

Contrarily, the evenings are dedicated to the recitals. Earlier Sufi singer Shujaat Khan and Ravi Ghosh (among others) were the crowd pullers. This year also, the Pinjore garden festival 2019 comprised of Rangoli competitions which were huge here apart from heritage walks, community interactions, as well as art displays!

A Recapitulation of the Garden’s History

If you have been in Kashmir’s Shalimar Gardens and you find it similar, it is nothing unbelievable (seriously)! As a matter of fact, it was for the Mughal era gardens to comprise some of the beautiful Persian elements, in lattice designs. Fidai Khan was the relative and architect of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and he had created the gardens’ structure in 17th century.

The Pinjore garden baisakhi mela happens to be right outside Chandigarh. And in the recent years, it happens to be the diversion of some hundred yards from its highway. A visit to the place during Pinjore garden festival would be mesmerizing! Want to visit the place during the garden festival? Then prepare yourself about the trip and get a fair idea of Pinjore garden entry fee!

Featured Photo of ‘Pinjore Garden’ by Aleksandr Zykov under CC BY-SA 2.0

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