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A Tour To Tiruchirappalli’s Railway Heritage Centre – Here’s What To Expect

In a world where booking flight tickets can be done with just a fingertip, does the objective of visiting a railway museum still hold that much significance as before? The answer is a big yes, because there’s a sheer locomotive romanticism that Indian railway has, and it seems that it would never ever fade away. The indoor and outdoor sections in a railway museum like Railway Heritage Centre would only give your child a breathtaking historical view of the bygone days. Well, not just for children, one who simply loves locomotive things would find it extremely pleasing upon a visit to a railway museum.

Anyone staying at Tiruchirappalli can make a tour to Railway museum in Tiruchirappalli at the soonest. Here’s presenting an insight of what to expect upon your first visit to Heritage railway museum in India in Tiruchirappalli.

An Overview of Railway Heritage Centre

Railway Heritage Centre in Tiruchirappalli happens to be both railway museum as well as heritage center for the rail exhibits of Trichy. It’s a part of erstwhile railway of South India and comes with both outdoor as well as indoor exhibits.

To preserve the old photographs and artifacts, the museum got set up with its initial funding of about 1 crore. This Heritage railway museum in India also gives insight of interesting historic growth of South Indian Railway. The 2013 witnessed its construction in an area of about 9,500 sq. ft., and eventually, it got inaugurated on February 18, 2014.

A Tour to Tiruchirappalli’s Railway Heritage Centre - Here’s what to Expect
Photo of ‘West Coast Railway Heritage Park’ by Tjflex2 under CC BY-ND 2.0

Exhibits inside the museum

Before you check for Railway museum Tiruchi timings, here’s what you should know right ahead of your visiting. The museum is associated with facts, relics, models and other interesting railway belongings. Through an outstanding display of models, photographs, and artifacts, the railway museum boasts of vintage locomotive belongings of the country.

Outdoor and indoor galleries

  • Indoor

A couple of indoor exhibits include digital archives, old documents, gazettes, maps,, railway manuals and the books that were utilized used during British Raj. It also houses artifacts like the old lamps used at the stations, bells, clocks, staff badges, and more. There are relevant documents, railway maps, old manuals, photographs, and equipment from the era of British Raj. As a visitor, you can capture a spectacular history and diversifying heritage of the world’s largest Railway Network. Train-buffs and children find it an amazing experience to visit here. You get to enhance your knowledge about railway of India by spending some quality time here.

  • Outdoor

Contrarily, the outdoor exhibits comprises of the antique locomotive engines alongside a functional train. Boasts of the rare items used during pre-independence period, the railway museum also gives you a fair idea of how Trichy functioned as head office of erstwhile Railway of South India during pro-independence era. Some of the fine examples of the outdoor belongings are the 1909 Steam engines, 1965 wooden body of Ooty trains, 1925 wagon, railway tracks, 1887 hand crane, 1930 England’s steam crane, and more.

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What’s more?

The museum even comes with a toy train taking you on your tour to this museum. Some other fascinating attractions at this museum are relics such as UK-built loco turntable of 1892 & bridge pillars. These take pride in standing tall inside the museum. Besides, you can also get to visit the mini station that’s allied with a fountain and garden. It makes it perfect for kids.

Now that you have an insight of the Railway Heritage Centre in Tiruchirappalli, you can plan for a visit. Get an idea of Railway museum Tiruchi timings and have an enticing experience upon your visit here.

Featured Photo of ‘West Coast Railway Heritage Park’ by Tjflex2 under CC BY-ND 2.0

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