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A Definite Nalanda Guide To The Most Amazing Places

What had been once the center of learning and had seen students and a monk coming from far away, has now become a popular tourists’ spot owing to its Buddhist monuments and sites. If you already know which place this guide is talking about, then welcome here where we are going to narrate about the most amazing places to visit in the land of Nalanda. To know further about the tourists’ spots, keep reading on.

Best Places to visit in Nalanda

  • Nalanda University

The Nalanda University happens to be a UNESCO heritage spot of the world, located in South Bihar. According to the Nalanda University information, the origins dated back to the third century. Back at the time of its origins, the university was also called Nalanda Mahavira. In Sanskrit, Mahavira is termed as Vihara (the Buddhist Monastery). It is situated 85 km from Patna and is regarded as one of the oldest and greatest universities.

A Definite Nalanda Guide to the Most Amazing Places to Visit
Photo of ‘Ruins of Nalanda’ by Chandan Singh under CC BY 2.0

The Nalanda University information also indicates that it was once an advanced Vedic learnings’ center until it was ransacked Bakhtiyar Khilji in the twelfth century. In the year 1915, this tourists’ site was recovered by India’s Archeological Survey.

  • Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall

According to what history is to be believed, the Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall happens to one of the most wonderful blends of India’s and China’s cultural subtleties that signifies a very close-knit of the origins of these countries. Since you are going to get an array of opportunity upon an entry to the memorial hall, a visit to this place in Nalanda is definitely a great option.

  • The Great Stupa

Among Nalanda University’s ruins, stands tall the Great Stupa! Being one of the best places to visit in Nalanda, the Great Stupa offers a Stupa that was constructed in the 3rd century by the Great Ashoka in honor of Sariputra. And right after seven accretions, this particular structure got shaped like the pyramid and is flanked by the flights of superb sculptures.

  • Pawapuri

Being a holy spot for the Jains, the place is located in the district of Nalanda in the state of Bihar in Eastern India. Pawapuri, for a long time, happened to be Mall Mahajanpad’s twin capital. Later on, Mahajanpad became a part of Magadha and Ajatshatru’s kingdom. The spot is considered as one of the sacred and best places to visit in Nalanda because of the fact that Lord Mahavira was buried here in the 500 BC.

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A Definite Nalanda Guide to the Most Amazing Places to Visit
Photo of ‘Nalanda University, Rajgir’ by kinnla under CC BY 2.0
  • Nalanda Archaeological Museum

The Nalanda Archaeological Museum houses Nalanda University’s ancient relics. The museum will give you a glance of the ancient culture of Nalanda. Here, you will get a license to dig deep into its culture via Pala Art, which is displayed through artifacts that are maintained here. The statues at the museum are engraved on basalt stone. However, you will also get a glimpse of stone, bronze, terracotta, and stucco present here apart from basalt stone.

  • Kundalpur

Kundalpur happens to be the place believed to be Lord Mahavira’s birthplace. It is also the place where Gautam Swamiji, Lord Mahavira’s first disciple, was born. Here, a grand temple with amazing spires are built here with 4.5 feet tall Mahavira Padmasana’s idol. The complex houses a serene Chaubeesi Jinmandir where Tirthankaras’ 72 idols represent the present, past, and future age.

  • Surya Mandir

Surya Mandir is dedicated to the Sun God that is located near University. Buddhists and Hindu deities are already enshrined in this particular temple with an attractive Goddess Parvati idol. In the Hindu of Kartika and Vaishakha, the Chatth Puja gets celebrated twice a year with amazing fervor. It is one of the best places to visit!

  • Nav Nalanda Mahavihara

The Nav Nalanda Mahavihara was established in the year 1952 by the Government of Bihar. It is one of the most amazing and best Nalanda places showcasing its tradition. Built as Buddhism’s modern center of, it gives ample information about Buddha religion as well as ancient Pali script.

Now that you know everything about the best places in Nalanda, a visit to them is a must.

Featured Photo of ‘Famed Buddhist Nalanda University ‘ by Wonderlane under CC BY 2.0

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