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A Definite Ambala Travel Guide To Explore This Beautiful City

Nothing unlike other magnificent towns and Indian cities, Ambala houses its own share of charms! Its unique location at the Punjab-Haryana border lends the city the perfect bustling atmosphere that any traveler would love to witness! The town, with its energetic vibe, is also supplemented by the prominent presence of the Indian Air Force and Indian Army! One can witness the marvels of the yesteryear’s in the amazing colonial bungalows scattered around the city! Additionally, the city is famous as the hub for scientific instruments’ production as well as laboratory equipment! While the city is partially overlooked, a visit to Ambala can give you a great experience of visiting the churches, temples, as well as architectures!

Ambala Travel Guide – Places to Visit

Ambala is famous for a wide range of tourist spots including Jain Mandir, Badshahi Gurudwara, Ambika Mandir, Redeemer Church, and more! From beholding splendid visions of Ambala Planetarium’s night sky to strolling along Rani Ka Talab’s banks, visiting here is a great option to get rid of the hectic pace of the daily lives. Some of the tourist spots are mentioned below.

A Definite Ambala Travel Guide to Explore This Beautiful City of Haryana
Photo of ‘Sisganj Gurdwara’ by Varun Shiv Kapur under CC BY 2.0
  • Hanuman Mandir

Built about 250 years ago, this Hanuman Mandir houses sculptures and artistic engravings! The artwork here is in tandem with arts of Mughal painting. People visit here specifically on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Hanuman Jayanti is another important day marked in April each year.

  • Holy Redeemer Church

Holy Redeemer Church is everything defining strong faith, rejoicing hope, burning charity as well as fire with zeal! A glimpse of Ambala images will indicate the place to be an ideal option for praising and worshipping the Lord as well as his wonders. The church was constructed under the rule of the British when the East India Company’s troops posted from Karnal to this city!

  • Sisganj Gurudwara

This shrine is visited by devotes in a huge number! Sisganj Gurudwara is also called the Baoli Sahib. It is about 190 kms away from Delhi and happens to be on the NH1!

How to Visit Ambala?

  • By Flight

Before anything else, you are required to know that the city doesn’t have its own Ambala airport! Since it doesn’t have its own Ambala airport, the ones aiming at visiting here by flight will have to land in Chandigarh Airport that is located 42 kms away from the city!

  • By Train

Since Ambala is known for serving as the divisional headquarter of Railway Zone of the north, the city happens to be the primary railway junction!

  • By Road

If you wish to visit the city by road, there are two bus terminals here. The road is well-connected to the many national highways! You can also get frequent buses to & from tourist destinations like Delhi.

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Best Time to Pay a Visit to Ambala

Ambala is famous for offering an enticing experience of exploring the temples, Gurudwara, and other popular tourists’ spots. However, you can get the best experience if you visit here from October to November. The end of October here witnesses gardens and ponds in full blooms, thereby making the land a must-visit place! During these months, the weather is also pleasant here!

Cultural Face of Ambala

You might have searched for Ambala images from the Internet! From what you’ve got, you might have already been familiar with the fact that Ambala is also known for its pottery, handicraft items, art, and more! A visit here would help you find multiple types of amazing earthen articles including utensils, decorative items, toys, and more! It is even famous for the ‘Phulkari’, an embroidery method done by women.

Featured Photo of ‘Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib’ by Laurent de Walick under CC BY 2.0

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