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A Colorful Walk Through The Paths Of Mullick Ghat Flower Market

The city that cherishes the tradition of shesh pater misti (sweet at the end of meals), the city that is home to poets and distinguished intellectuals, the city where dreams are born, is also a city known for housing the said-largest flower market of Asia – Mullick Ghat Flower Market!

And this is the guide, where you are going to get a close view of how you can expect things while visiting the flower market as a tourist!

An overview of Mullick Ghat Flower Market

The flower market nestles under the legendary Howrah Bridge. The different types, colors, and smells of the flowers sold here are just a treat to anyone’s eyes! What’s more amazing is the fact that apart from flowers, you also get to witness these ice makers who help the flowers to remain cool for a longer period of time. Sounds like a photography thing?

Yes, even photography is a dominating activity here! While you are going to get amazing frames upon your visit, don’t expect a heat-warming welcome for Mullick ghat flower market photography! When people are busy taking their last-hour naps, chaos remains constant here! Expect to be here sharp at 4 a.m. You can be a little late, like maybe 6 a.m. but not more than that! So, this is everything about the flower market in Kolkata, in a nutshell!

Recapitulating its Past

As a traveler wishing to dig deep into the history of Kolkata and especially into the history of Mullick ghat flower market, you need to know a couple of things in advance, just in case you don’t want to book a guide! Said to the biggest Asian wholesale flower market, the place was built by the prominent historical personality – Ram Mohun Mallick! He happened to be Nayan Chand’s son. This place was built in 1855!

A Colorful Walk through the Paths of Mullick Ghat Flower Market
Photo of ‘The Business at Flower Market’ by Abhijit Kar Gupta under CC BY 2.0

What should you expect?

Apart from knowing the history of Mullick ghat flower market, here’s what you can expect! Expect to be here around 4 a.m.! As a tourist, you don’t require a guide, because you can simply visit here to experience the vibrancy of the place. An early morning trip can be amazing to have an encounter with the beautiful sight of Howrah Bridge along with this market’s madness especially during the morning! Getting up from your bed early in the morning and experiencing the liveliness of the place is just worth it!

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You can also enjoy the amazing view of the banks of River Ganges where the city is viewed awakening! And if you are on time, you can simply relive the scenes you watched in the movie Dangal – the wrestlers practicing and exercising in the sand!

Walking through the paths of this flower market might also leave you reeling in garlands’ and petals’ fragrance layered with human emotions, conversations, and even odor! You should always be watchful so that you don’t crash into trolleys, carts, or onlookers. Flower power, it that even a term!? Well, a visit to this market would give you an insight about watching porters carrying the flowers to the respective destinations and even bending underneath the flowers’ weight! Now that’s something called flower power!

The market gets reloaded with more vibrancy and color during the time of festivals and even wedding seasons! While you cannot say whether or not it is the largest flower market of Asia, it certainly holds strong value due to its trade! It’s a market which is 125 old and has figuratively and literally from ashes upon getting gutted in the fire completely!

Even if it is in the tatters, it hasn’t stopped it being one of the thriving places for a total of 2,000 sellers visiting here every day at 3 a.m. before dawn!

Whether it’s for wedding decoration, temple rituals or interior decors, this flower market in Kolkata can avail the kinds of flowers that can bring in more color to your event! The wholesalers even send these flowers abroad or other parts of the country! The Mullick ghat flower market photography is also a dominating affair here, given the fact that yellow and orange marigolds, chrysanthemums, tulips, roses are available in variety!

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So this was everything about Kolkata’s Flower Market in a nutshell!

Featured Photo of ‘Flowers for sale’ by Abhijit Kar Gupta under CC BY 2.0

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