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A Breathtaking Trek Along Andharban In Pimpri, Maharashtra

The State of Maharashtra hosts some of the fascinating and adventurous trekking expeditions in India. Among them, the Andharban trek offers a delightful experience with a trail along with the evergreen forests. The interesting part of this trek is its not along hilly or rocky terrain. But the path is a descending one in the midst of a beautiful valley and dam.

The word Andharban is in colloquial language and means “dense forest”. The forest is located in Pimpri, 50 kilometers from Pune. Trekkers usually go for their expeditions during the monsoons or the winter season. During the rains, the lush greenery in the forest with the natural waterfalls creates a breathtaking experience for nature lovers. The winters are misty and chilling engulfing the adventure enthusiasts with a mystic feeling.

When to start?

It is advisable to start the trek early in the morning at 6:00 AM. That will end the journey in the late afternoon hours. The weather in the early morning is cool and pleasant. It is convenient for the trekkers as they walk along the forest path, enjoying the scintillating views of the landscape.

The Exhilarating Trekking Route

The trekking route spreads over almost an area of 13 kilometers. The journey starts from the village of Pimpri, the highest point in the entire trail. The total duration of the trek is between 5 to 6 hours depending on your expertise and speed.

In the beginning, you will start descending down towards the forests of Andharban. As you walk along, you can watch the picturesque beauty of the Kundalika valley. The gushing waterfalls and the sparkling pools of water are mesmerizing. The exotic and lustrous mountain ranges of Tamhini Ghat is also a wonderful experience. The dense evergreen trees create an amazing wilderness around. Various species of flowers entertain scores of butterflies as they dance around and create a magical feeling for the visitors. The place is a photographer’s delight, capturing the chirping birds and the flowery blooms.

The trek descends further to the Bhira Dam in the Konkan region. You can take a comfortable break here and immerse into the stimulating thrill of nature’s wonders. After resting your mind and soul, you can start for your return journey. You can either opt for a packaged trekking tour or go on your own. Generally, the trekkers return back to Mumbai or Pune after completing the trek. Few overly active trekkers often go for boating or white water rafting along the Kundalika waterways.

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Things to Remember

It is recommended to wear proper trekking shoes for the expedition. Clothes must be comfortable and light. You can carry some additional light clothes in the backpack. Light snacks and water bottles are mandatory to keep along the journey. It is always better to keep a small medical kit in case of an emergency. If you are opting to trek during the monsoons then proper raincoats are essential to be included in your list of items. You must not miss out on your mobile phones or camera so as not to miss out on the breathtaking view of the panoramic scenery. Since the trek is across the dense forests, it is good to have an insect repellant along with you. The backpack must be waterproof, especially if it is the rainy season. A torch, with additional batteries, is another essential item to carry during the trek.

An Awesome Experience

Though the complete trekking route is long and tiring, you can seldom feel the exhaustion. The marvellous soothing atmosphere energizes the heart every moment. Your mind will be instantly diverted into a world of illustrious charm. The magnolious greenery with the serenity is a treat to the eyes. You can savour your eyes appreciating the lush green Sahyadri mountain ranges, popularly known as the Western Ghats. The stunning view of the Kundalika valley with its magificence creates a phenomenal aura of beauty.

Throughout the tour, you will be entertained by the twittering sound of numerous species of birds. You will be greeted by the multi coloured fluttering butterflies. The flowers with their delightful fragrance and ravishing colours will create a heavenly environment around. The flora and the fauna of Andharban entice many nature admirers and adventure lovers. Every year trekkers assemble at this place to relish the immense beauty of Mother Nature.

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An offbeat destination, the place creates a captivating feeling among the visitors. You can spend your weekend here and enliven your spirits before embarking again on your daily schedule of work. The air around is refreshing and pure to engulf your brains with tranquility and peace. Your mind gets alleviated into a celestial state of calmness and morality. It is a relaxation and relief from the anxieties and tensions of the regular hectic life. The views are intoxicating and captivating, hypnotizing the mind into a world of dreams and fantasy.

Featured Photo of ‘Ficus arnottiana’ by Dinesh Valke under CC BY-SA 2.0


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