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One street food which is immensely popular in Kolkata or let me put it the other way, one dish that is a legend in Kolkata is the Chicken Roll. It is an immensely popular, on the go kind of food, which needs no introduction. The legendary roll was discovered when there was a need to invent a quick meal for every passer-by who was hungry but had less time. This invention was something that made each and every passer-by stop and pick up one Hot Kati Roll, as they just couldn’t let go of those succulent kebabs and crispy parathas. Truly we can say that this particular invention made history and is still a favourite delicacy for almost all who visit Kolkata.

First Chicken Roll Was Invented By Nizam’s

The first ever Kati Roll was invented by the Nizam’s. This legendary invention was kept simple but packed with real flavour, a maida paratha, stuffed with scrumptious kebabs, fried onions, a kick of green chili, and a dash of lemon for perfection further rolled together and wrapped in a butter paper. The Kati roll is a perfect meal for commuters to munch when they have less time and are in a hurry.

Check out 7 legendary roll shops in Kolkata!

1. Nizam’s, New Market

Being the inventors of chicken roll they have all right to top the list; despite the ups and downs they faced, their rolls still remain reliably tasty. The Nizam’s rolls are amazingly tasty and they mainly offer two varieties, the classic rolls which have meat kebabs, onions and chutney and their new addition the Nawab Rolls, which we can say comes with a healthier twist, it’s light as it comes with a roomali roti and stuffed with onions and kebabs.

2. Kusum Rolls, Park Street

Located at park street this shop is a two-decade old shop, and is extremely famous for its pocket-friendly and of course delicious rolls. The counter is not too attractive and is always crowded with roll lovers; this little counter will always attract you to order. Their Egg Roll or Chicken Roll are loaded with meat and sauces, and just perfectly spiced. They are light on the pocket and yet too huge on taste.

3. Hot Kati Rolls, Park Street

Another popular roll shop located in Park street is the Hot Kati Rolls at junction of Park Street. This roll shop nails it perfectly when it comes to their fried parathas, loaded with a row of chicken kati kebabs, juicy onions and a kick pepper. One reason why they have absolutely yumm parathas is that their parathas are loaded with oil and fried to perfection; they are extremely crispy on the sides and on the inside its filled with crispy and juicy onions and absolutely delicious soft and juicy chicken kebabs.

4. Jabbr Afghani, Salt Lake

Do you love big rolls? If yes, then this is the place you need to hit. Jabbr Afghani offer a usual menu of Chicken Roll, Mutton Roll and Egg Roll. But they specialize in big size rolls, their specialty is the ‘Jabbr Rolls’ which is as big as 9-inch big paratha, and is loaded with double egg, double chicken/mutton, and double cheese. Isn’t that double goodness?

5. Nawab Snacks Bar, Gariahat

Gariahat is a very popular place is Kolkata and has many options for rolls. But again if your taste buds like a light and sumptuous roll then pick up one from the Nawab Snacks Bar. Located just at the Gariahat crossing, this roll shop offers rolls which have light parathas, less spicy stuffing with a light hint of lemon; over all it is loaded with flavour but on the lighter side.

6. Badshah, New Market

Located in Kolkata’s most popular area, Badshah is one of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata. Again despite all the ups and downs, people just can’s stop themselves from picking up their popular kati kebab rolls. The restaurant also has a dining area and bar; many people check in to this place after they had a tiring day shopping in the market. Their rolls are light on the pocket, and even more lighter on your stomach but perfect to satisfy your cravings.

7. Smokachino, Sarat Bose Road

This last one is dedicated to all the weight watchers. Located at the Sarat Bose Road, Smokachino’s offers oil-free rolls which are low on calories, but too high on taste. Hope it sounds as a good news for all the health freaks, jump in and give your cravings a bite of goodness.

Visit to Kolkata can never be complete if you do not try a Hot chicken/meat roll, for the vegetarians don’t lose heart as there are equally tasty options available for veg rolls too.

Featured Photo by Andy_Mitchell_UK

7 Renowned Kati Chicken Roll Shops In Kolkata

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