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7 Interesting Things You Need To Know About S S Hogg Market

Kolkata today is filled with shopping malls in every corner. The most popular ones happen to situated in areas like Bhawanipur, Park Circus and Kankurgachi. But before the mall culture took over Kolkata there was a market which every Calcuttian used to visit and that market is known S S Hogg Market. This particular market had opened way back in 1874 making the oldest market of Kolkata. The S S stands for Stuart Hogg; he is the person after which this market has been named after. The market was designed by R.R Bayne at that time. Not much has changed to-date from then and if you visit this market you would still get a feel of the British era. In this article, I would be telling you 7 Interesting Things You Need To Know About S S Hogg Market Kolkata

S S Hogg Market – 7 Interesting Things You Need To Know

hogg market photo
Photo of “new market (esplanade) / old hogg market, kolkata, west bengal, india” by Sudipta Mallick under CC BY 2.0

1. History

At the time when S S Hogg market was constructed, it used to be a spot for the Britishers to come and shop for their needs. When it was being constructed Stuart Hogg used to be the municipal chairman of Kolkata (that time known as Calcutta). The market is so huge that it feels like you are in a maze. When you enter the market and notice the huge roof constructed over it; you would understand the gothic style used by the architect. It has a huge complex with over 2000 shops under 1 roof! It was Kolkata’s first municipal market which offered hardware, food, manufactured goods, clothes under a single roof.

2. What can you get here?

Everything! And I really mean everything can be found here. Be it clothes, accessories, equipment, hardware, software, chocolates, flowers, bottles, utensils, silver, gold, toys and whatever you can think of. The only problem here is that it is not air-conditioned and shopping during the summer here can be a very painful task. If you are thinking if it such a prestigious market then why don’t the authorities convert it into an air-conditioned market.? Well, the answer is that it is too huge to convert it into an air-conditioned market. It would require installation of at least 2500 Air conditioners due to its huge area.

3. Price Range

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It depends upon what you are buying. Let’s assume that you want to buy clothes. S S Hogg market ensures that it serves all kind of customers. You would find the cheapest to most expensive clothes in this particular market. One thing, I would say that this market is really very huge so you need to have the patience to roam around and explore stuff. Don’t pay anything which the shopkeepers ask; there is a big scope for bargaining in the S S Hogg market. In fact, this is the market where most bargaining happens. If the shopkeeper quotes you Rs.300, you quote them Rs. 200. Don’t be ashamed to do this or else you would end up paying way more than required.

hogg market photo
Photo of “new market (esplanade) / old hogg market, kolkata, west bengal, india” by Sudipta Mallick under CC BY 2.0

4. Wars have come and gone but it has remained unaffected

One very interesting thing about this market is that this market has seen the world’s biggest wars. The world war I and II and still it has remained unaffected by it. It is strange because during these times you expect the market the fall like anything but S S Hogg market has survived. The biggest reason may be that at that time there was not much competition and it used to be a central spot for all the shoppers but still the trade here has not fallen down despite numerous malls opening around in the city.

5. Famous shops

Honestly, there are no particular shops which one would be able to tell you about. However, Nathoums bakery, nizam eateries, Imperial confectioners, D Gama confectioners and Chamba Lamba is popular among the residents of the city. Don’t try to bargain at these shops, they are highly reputed and charge you the right amount. There is a slaughterhouse inside the market which gives very bad experience.

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6. Other Experiences

After you complete exploring the S S Hogg market you can always step outside and explore the area. There are plenty of options for eating like KFC, Barista, Scoop and different shops. There is one particular shop called Badshah which serves this amazing Katti roll. The size of the roll is really small and it is very light; on any given day an average person can eat at least 2 of them. You also get daal ki pakora in this area which is sold by street vendors. Give it a try it tastes really awesome.

7. Timings

This market is open from Monday to Saturday. The timing on weekdays if from 10 am – 8 pm and on weekdays it closes early at 2.30pm. There are multiple options to reach here; you can take a cab, almost every bus goes through this area. Sit on any bus which goes to Esplanade, Park Street or Dharamtalla they would drop you here. There are no entry fees for entering the market and it would take you approximately 2 hours to explore the entire market.

S S Hogg Market is kind of heritage for Kolkata. Many localities prefer to shop from this market because they get the best stuff at the best prices here. You should see the crowd during Durga Puja; you would understand the popularity which it has among the residents of the city. So, these are the 7 things you need to know about S S Hog Market. There may be a few things which I might have missed out, so ensure that you explore this place as much as you can.

Featured Photo of “new market (esplanade) / old hogg market, kolkata, west bengal, india” by Sudipta Mallick under CC BY 2.0

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