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7 Amazing Restaurants In Salt Lake Kolkata

Kolkata is definitely one of the best cities when we talk about the varieties of food available in a city. Be it north Indian or South Indian cuisine Kolkata excels at everything. Everywhere you go you will find multiple food stalls and restaurants and most of them offer amazing food. Today, in this article I would be covering about the restaurants in a particular area of Kolkata known as “Salt Lake”. Salt Lake is considered to be the office hub of the city as most of the corporate offices are located there. However, in recent years numerous numbers of restaurants have opened in this area about which many people are not aware of. In this article, I would be telling you about 7 Restaurants in Salt Lake Which You Should Definitely Visit.

7 Restaurants in Salt Lake Which You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

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Photo of “Caffe Latte – Small World” by Alpha under CC BY-SA 2.0

1. Courting Coffee

The first restaurant I would like to talk about is Courting Coffee. It is more of a café than a restaurant. The reason why I have mentioned about this particular place is because of the relaxing ambience here. The place is painted in bright colours and is located in a very soothing place in the city. It is a great place to spend time, the staff is really very friendly and courteous. They even have a small library, you can just pick any book and read it for as long as you like. They also have board games like Chess and Zynga which you can choose to play with when you get here.

Price for 2 – Rs. 500 – 700

2. Le Coffee Crème

The next restaurant which comes to mind when I talk about Salt Lake is Le Coffee Crème. It is located at one of the most happening places in Salt Lake, that is the city centre mall. I would recommend you to have chilly garlic noodles along with side chilly paneer here. They serve French fries along with their restaurant made cheesy dip; Trust me, it is really flavorful. It is located exactly opposite city centre mall. It has 2 sections; the outside section doesn’t serve hookah while the inside one does. If you want to have a peaceful conversation with someone, I would advise you to sit outside while if you are going along with friends then you probably would enjoy more in the inside section.

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Price for 2 – Rs. 500 – 800

3. Tandoor House

Tandoor House is located in many places in Kolkata. I have been to all of them but I liked the Salt Lake branch the most among all of them. It is one of the best places to go if you are low on cash. It is famous for its combo meals. They serve a plate of chicken biriyani, chicken chaap and 2 pieces of chicken reshmi kebab at just Rs. 165. The best part is that they serve quality food which you don’t expect at such prices. The only flaw which this chain has that the staff service is not that great; it would take you multiple follow-ups with the steward for the food.

Price for 2 – Rs. 400 – Rs. 600

4. Momo I Am

This is a new chain which is expanding at a very fast pace in Kolkata. Momo I Am is having 3 branches in Salt Lake itself. I went to the one which is near RDB/Big Cinemas, Sector V. The restaurant is really huge so you don’t have to wait in the queue on most of the days. We had chicken momo, mixed chowmein and kung pao chicken and all of them tasted delicious. We had also ordered a blueberry cheesecake at this place and trust me it was extremely delicious. I would say that it was the best blueberry cheesecake I ever had in my life.

Price for 2 – Rs. 700 – Rs. 1100.

5. Rang De Basanti Dhaba

It is said that the best food is served in a Dhaba. Well, this particular restaurant has tried its level best to duplicate the feel of a dhaba. It has a truck installed in its restaurant which can be used to take pictures. It is more like a modern dhaba with air conditioning and everything. They serve you food in steel plates and glasses (The ones you would actually get in a dhaba). You can order any north Indian dish here and I am pretty sure you would love it. Chicken Biriyani and Chicken Roll are people favourites here.

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Price for 2 – Rs. 500 – Rs. 800.

6. Capella – Al Tair

This is one particular place which would win your heart. If you are going to this place please ensure that you sit in the open-air area of this restaurant. The view of the city from this place is simply amazing. It is located on top of one of the highest towers in Salt Lake which ensures that you get a beautiful view of the area. Visit the place in the evening, and order anything you feel like; because everything tastes amazing here. I had ordered Dal makhani along with kulcha and a non-veg platter; they tasted really good. Though this place is a little expensive but it is worth visiting. They serve alcohol, so beer along with their famous chakna platter would be a good combination.

Price of for 2 – Rs. 1400 – Rs. 1800.

7. Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Shiraz is located at 2 places in the city. Park Circus and Salt Lake; I have been to both them and I would say that both of them are equally good. However, I have been to its Salt Lake branch many times and I always had a good experience that’s why I have mentioned the Salt Lake branch. This restaurant is famous for its Mughal Cuisine. Chicken Biryani, Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala along with Firni would be the best combination you could ever ask for. The food is so amazing that you would want to have more and more. The biryani has the perfect mixture of masala and oil; which makes it tasty and well as healthy to eat.

Price for 2 – Rs. 600 – 1000

These are my 7 top picks in the Salt Lake area. There are other many restaurants in this area so don’t just stick to this list and make sure that you explore. However, if you are short on time then you can visit anyone among these and I am sure you would have a great time.

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Featured Photo of “Kolkata Aerial view Salt Lake Stadium view 1” by Ramesh NG under CC BY-SA 2.0

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