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Pushkar, located in Ajmer district of Rajasthan is one of the most ancient city in India. Pushkar is also known as Tirtharaj, which means the “king of pilgrim all places” and is among the 5 pilgrim places, known as ‘Dhams’ for Hindu followers. Pushkar in Rajasthan is a place which will give you spiritual beliefs, history that dates back to the mythological era, a rich cultural heritage and entertainment as well. Along with spiritual importance, Pushkar presents delight to one’s eyes and minds with its stunning beauty and various entertainments. In the recent times, Pushkar has become one of the most popular tourist places that attracts tourist not only from India but from all over the world.

Here are the 7 reason to visit Pushkar:

1. Pushkar Mela

Pushkar camel fair or Pushkar Mela is the most important and popular event in Pushkar and around 4,00,000 people attend this fair. The Pushkar festival is a yearly five day event where around 11,000 horses, cattle and camels along with natives and tourists participates that held from October to November. As per the saying, Hindu lord Brahma appeared on the full moon day at Pushkar lake and hence Poornima or Full moon day is considered as the main day of fair. Many people also swim in the lake as it is believed as fortunate. Apart from trading cattle, the camels and horses race is also much appreciated here and the most beautiful camel gets rewarded. Various competitions like the ‘longest mustache’, ‘matka phod’ and ‘bridal competition’ attracts thousands of travellers to visit this colorful and vibrant fair every year. The fair is a carnival and a cultural retreat with a lot of dancers, Musicians and acrobats from all over the world participates and perform. Some local and traditional dances like , Kalbeliya dance, Bhavpadan, Tarahtali and Chakri dance forms a type of ambiance that everyone starts dancing with all the worries out. In recent times, fair has also hosted a cricket match between the team of foreign visitors and Pushkar local club which has become a significant tourist attraction.

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2. Pushkar Lake

As per the legends, the Pushkar lake was formed when lord Brahma dropped his lotus flower at this place and since then, it is considered as the holy place by Hindus. The holy Pushkar Lake is also described as ‘Tirtha Raj’ which means the king of all pilgrimage place. It is assumed that having a sacred dip in the lake is almost equal to doing prayer and meditation for hundred years. This lake is  semi-circular in shape and is around 8 to 10 m deep. It is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats and more than 400 temples. The lake looks calm and serene and the sunset and sunrise are beautiful and is definitely a magnificent view to behold.

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3. Brahma Temple

Pushkar has around 500 temples and out of all those, Brahma temple is the most important and popular temple. As per the Hindu mythology, lord Brahma created the whole world and in spite of this, there are very few temples of lord Brahma not only in India but all over the world. The temple is constructed with beautiful marble and is adorned with silver coins. The stunning red spire and image of a swan makes this temple easily distinguished and unique. The main statue of the temple is four-faced (chaturmukhi) lord Brahma, situated in the middle sanctum. The temple looks magnificent nestled in the scenic Pushkar valley.

4. Savitri Temple

Situated at hilltop at a height of around 750 ft, the Savitri temple is the second most important temple in Pushkar. It is dedicated to Hindu Lord Brahma’s wife, Goddess Savitri. The story of the temple dates back to the time when lord Brahma wanted perform some yagna and since goddess Savitri was not there, he married a local girl, Gayatri. Burnt with anger, goddess Savitri cursed lord Brahma that he will not be worshiped anywhere except in Pushkar and she went back to the hill where this temple currently resides. The best time to visit this temple is during early morning since you can witness the best sunrise and splendid view of the city while climbing up the steps.

5. Varaha Temple

The Varaha temple is the biggest and most ancient temple in Pushkar. It was constructed by King Anaji Chauhan during 12th century and is dedicated to ” a wild boar”, the 3rd incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As per the Hindu mythology, when the demon Hirnayaksh dragged down the earth in primeval water, Varaha saved it. It is one of the oldest temples in Rajasthan and also the most visited one in Pushkar.

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6. Man Mahal

Basically built to serve as the guest of Raja Man Singh I, Man Mahal is the most attractive and  magnificent palace to visit in Pushkar. The palace is now renovated as a heritage hotel under the Rajasthan tourism control but the essence of royal touch and uniqueness of Rajasthani architecture can still be felt. The Man Mahal is located on the east of Sarovar and let visitors to not only enjoy the astounding sight of the lakes and temples around the Pushkar lake but also the beauty of the bygone era. The hotel provides various facilities such as a bar, restaurant, spa and transport facilities along with camel ride, camping, tours of the cattle fair of Pushkar, etc.

7. Pap Mochini Temple

Along with the most popular Brahma and Savitri temples, Pap Mochini temple is also a place one should not miss. The Pap Mochini temple is Presided by the god Ekadashi Mata and is considered that a visit to this shrine will free them of all their cardinal sins.

There are multiple stories that are related to the temple. As per the saying, Son of Guru Dronacharya, Ashwathama was cursed by lord Krishna to travel the earth for 3000 years. It is said that Ashwathama visited this temple for salvation. It is then believed that only goddess Ekadashi Mata can offer devotees the respite from all sins. Apart from all the beliefs and stories, the stunning architecture of the temple attracts tourists and the architecture of the temple is a treat for history and architecture lovers.

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7 Amazing Reasons To Visit Pushkar

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