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The southernmost slant of India is decorated by a sleek yet mind-riveting maritime land belt. Entitled as ‘Kerala’ in the native language and ‘God’s own country’ at the international travel map, this is a mesmerizing and most sought-after travel spot within the holiday destinations of India. Guarded by Western Mountain Range’s thriving green texture and dressed with Arabian Sea’s celestial azure marine consistency, Kerala fetches the factual detoxification and vivaciousness to each holidaying soul. This region’s signature inland waterways—famous as the backwaters and flagship facilities of  reviving Ayurveda massages, comfy boat houses and brain-exciting Elephant rides add to the aspect of its covet ability as a holiday zone. ‘God’s own country’ is also globally celebrated for possessing an overwhelming 600 km stretched out coastline from the end-to-end of its parameters. This strip owns the most diverse of texture at various situates of the county and amongst them, 6 beaches Kerala deserve indispensable mentions, predominantly for their heart-dazing natural exquisiteness and mood-elating recreational perks.

6 beaches Kerala Photo by Anupam Saha

Innate mirth encoded at 6 beaches Kerala

Though strikingly different from each other over the dynamics of scenery, watery uniformity and shoreline sand pattern, the 6 beaches Kerala share one common visual delight—the heavenly sway of palm harvest and coconut trees decking up their rims. Other than this, their mystique distinctively changes as you pass one Keralian city/hamlet and set foot in another. With the delightful purpose of enlightening you about their respective mesmeric iotas, an account over 6 definite beaches is chronicled here:

Marai Beach, Alleppey—Decorating the symmetry of a dainty and quaint Keralian fishing hamlet, this site stands exquisite among 6 beaches Kerala for the unique gold hued sand and heart-brimming oceanic tranquility. Warmth and reception of the villagers adds to its appeal. The watery calmness also makes it a prime within the best beaches kerala swimming.

Bekal Seashore, Kasaragod—Groomed by the buoyant palm plants throughout its periphery and bedecked by the grave boulders around its silent vicinities, this sea line makes its place in the list of 6 beaches Kerala for overlooking the Bekal citadel from a heart-stopping angel. The scattered rocks make for a fit solace to cherish ‘bliss of solitude’ post sunset.

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6 beaches Kerala Photo by allestern

Nattika Coast, Thrissur—In addition to the strikingly smooth yellowish sand and gladdening marine calmness, this seashore is also preferred by travel-devotees for the frequent dance and indigenous festivals held at its bosom.

Neendakara Seaside, Kollam—The fishing livelihood of Kerala can be impeccably felt by setting foot at this coast. In here, you get to behold the fascinating union of Ashtamudi Lagoon and Arabian Sea from the towering position of the native bridge. The landscape of the Chinese fishing lattices forming a backdrop at the opposite side is also a fetching one.

Muzhappilangad Coast, NH 66—Entitled as the longest sea side for driving in Asia, the ambience around here is full of liveliness. The 5 km long driveway is fit for both coaches and bikes to glide most breezily. This beach makes a broad-angle groove at its end and serves an unforgettable scene of Kannur. The durable and stiff sand layer is considered to be one of its kinds. Also stunning is the aquatic transparency of the ocean.

Payyambalam Shoreline, Kannur—Celebrated as the situate for soul-mates, this sea side, with its passionate gold sand granules, spruce waves and fondling coconut trees, turns out as your right place for holidaying with partner.

Comfortability quotient of kerala beaches resorts

For enjoying the fervency of each such shoreline, assuredly a befitting stay close to their sublime panache will appear as one of your cardinal pursuits. Make pragmatic move of analyzing World Wide Web for knowing about the entire framework of kerala beaches resorts. On request by e-mail, many of these kerala beaches resorts also send you free digital brochure entailing about the uniqueness of hospitality catered by them and exclusive private coastline perks offered by them. On a standardized viewpoint, the following 4 kerala beaches resorts are the finest ones to elect and relax:

  • Poovar Isle Resort, Trivandrum<Floating Chalets
  • Beach House, Kannur<Adept Economic Lodging
  • Woodhouse Resort, Varkala<Wood Crafted Villas, Steam Shower Herbal
  • Surya Samudra Retreat, Kovalam<Heritage Huts, 2 private shores
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6 beaches Kerala Photo by Silver Blu3

While experiencing the holistic of merriment and rejuvenation at these shorelines, make it a point to capture some winsome kerala beaches photos. Keep in mind that each of these kerala beaches photos are going to be your mood-maker during those lonely feeling time-stretches. Also by uploading such gladdening kerala beaches photos at the popular social media porches, you get to serve pals and closed ones in a much pleasurable maneuver. Your mind-filling kerala beaches photos infuse the irresistible desire in them to venture out for ‘God’s own country’.

All the kosher cultivations and chaste maritime depth of Kerala beckon you to get revived in purest style possible. Do not let any opportunity that offers you to cruise this coastal domicile slip away from your palms.

Featured Photo byHenrik Jagels

6 Beaches Kerala You’ll Love If You’re Slightly Obsessed With The Ocean

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