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5 Weekend Hotpots from Kolkata

Bengalis are always fascinated to pick any one of the destinations from Di-Pu-Da—that stands for Digha, Puri, and Darjeeling. But there are also amazing places out there across West Bengal whether in cities or suburbs, whether by the sea of hills that you can choose to travel from the city of joy- Kolkata- the heart the Bengal.

We tried to handpick a couple of easily manageable weekend destinations for you if you are looking forward to such unique ideas and journeying from Kolkata. Here you go with the top 5 hotspots. The choice is yours per the itinerary, budget, and, of course, the number of holidays you have.


If you are tired of Digha or Mandarmoni, try Junput this time. Situated at a distance of 145 Km from Kolkata, Junput is a tranquil beach destination that can be reached from Contai after a drive of 9 km. The wide beach out there entices travelers looking for the less traveled shores on the Bay of Bengal nearby. Recently, many resorts and hotels have been established there and you have the chances to book the accommodations or car services online.

How to reach

There are two possible ways to reach the new found Junput. You can avail the train routes and drop at Contai. From there you can get trekker or car services to reach Junput. Else you can take Vidyasagar Setu (Second Hooghly Bridge) and take the Digha route and after reaching Contain you have to change the route to reach Junput.


If you are eagerly waiting for a peaceful weekend ahead and want to run far away from the tantrums of the city life, then Mukutmanipur is your one-stop destination. The serene natural ambiance will attract you from the moment you reach the confluence of Rivers Kumari and Kangsabati.

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Enjoy boating and experiencing the sightseeing at the verdant destination of Bankura. Apart from the local sightseeing you can get a car to see the nearby Bishnupur- famous for the Bengal terracotta temples while Kamarpukur and Jairambati are famed for being the birthplaces of Sri Ramakrishna and Maa Sharada.

The distance from Kolkata to Mukutmanipur is around 293 kilometers. Regular buses ply from the city to Bankura, Mukutmanipur is located. You can also avail trains and other modes of communications to reach the destination. It is a drive of around 5 hours from Kolkata by taking the NH-2.


Apart from natural beauties and tranquility, if you are wondering to explore the historic place of interest this weekend then nothing has to offer more than Murshidabad. This was the last capital of independent Bengal before the British captured India. Named after Murshid Quli Khan-the city is situated by the banks of River Bhagirathi. Bengal Murshidabad silk industry is famous here.

If you are interested to know the history of Bengal and the Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daula and his unfortunate catastrophe caused by the imposter Mir Zafar, you have to visit this place where in every nooks and corners history whispers in your ears.

The sightseeing includes the magnanimous Hazarduari Palace, Kath Gola, Nizmat Imbambara, Madina, Wasif Manzil, Jafarganj Cemetery, Khosh Bagh, the Murshidabad District Museum, Katra Mosque and more.

Murshidabad, situated at a distance of 210 Kilometers from Kolkata is one of the finest weekend destinations that can be covered in 2 days.


Situated at a distance of 80 Kilometers from Kolkata, Taki is one of the most attractive destinations for the weekenders living nearby. Located at the India and Bangladesh border, Taki entices visitors for its pristine natural beauty and tranquil ambiance. Visit Taki to boat on the River Ichhamati. Ask the boatman to take you to the nearby confluence if three rivers- Ichhamati, Bhagirathi, and Saraswati. A small island has also been formed over there where the boat stops and travelers can hop into the small isle to experience the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the confluence.

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Apart from that Taki Rajbari or the Palace is a place of interest, though now dilapidated. Visit the Golpata picnic spot, Taki High school, the riverside parks and more. If you are a fish lover, Taki can serve you with the fresh fishes as much as you want. There are quite a number of guest houses and lodges are established to welcome guests.

The easiest and the most cost-effective ways to reach Taki are by riding up on the Hasnabad local train from Sealdah Station in Kolkata.

We mentioned about the whole district because there are lot to cover. Starting from Krishnanagar- the princely state of the famous Bengal King Maharaj Krishnachandra to the legendary place of Sri Chaitanya Dev Mahaprabhu- one of the most prominent religious leaders of the Bhakti Cult Movement- the place has various hotspots to explore. You have to plan the itinerary considering the days you can spend, budget, and so on. The list must include the famous Mayapur- the headquarters of the ISKON.

If you want to explore the finest Bengal cotton sarees- then missing out Shantipur, Fulia will make you repent. Explore the village and see how the experts are creating those famous Bengal Cotton Tant sarees.

So, plan accordingly and have a blast this weekend! The West Bengal Tourism has various facilities including accommodations and package tours for the tourists. Visit the website and check out for the options for a clearer picture.

5 Weekend Hotpots From Kolkata

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