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5 Popular Local Bazaars Of Darjeeling You Have To Explore

I just love shopping, no wonder I always find reasons to write about it in some or the other way. Shopping is the best way to release stress; well it works wonders for me at least. Yes shopping I feel is one thing that can make any one happy. It isn’t important that you buy things for yourself to make yourself happy. For me buying stuffs for my family also makes me damn happy, I always think of their smile when I shop for them. Well coming to the topic now, India has so many different types of markets, be it the super big malls, or the street markets these places are always crowded with people like me trying to grab the best. Well for me malls haven’t been the right place to shop; I have always been the local kinds. Yes local bazars in India is one thing that makes me and many like me love this country even more, isn’t it? Today we shall talk about Popular Local Bazaars of Darjeeling. Trust me you would love to shop here for sure, so let’s explore them in detail.

Most Popular Local Bazaars Of Darjeeling

Darjeeling market photo
Nehru Road, Darjeeling by shankar s. under CC BY 2.0

Darjeeling as we know is one among the most popular tourist destinations in India. Thousands of tourists visit this beautiful place to witness its natural beauty, smell the enchanted aroma coming from the tea garden, to enjoy the best cosy cold weather and of course not to forget to shop. Darjeeling is one of the best places for those looking to buy decorative unique Himalayan items. There are end numbers of street shops which are flooded with local stuffs. Thangkas, Tibetan jewellery, wood carving, Brass statues, woven fabrics, woollen items (Angora Sweaters, Woollen Clothes and Shawls) and Curios you would find it all in the Local Bazaars of Darjeeling. Here are 5 most popular Local Bazaars of Darjeeling.

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1. Bhutia Market \ New Mahakal Market

Don’t confuse this market up with the Mahakal Market near Chowk Bazar. Earlier this market was located on the Nehru Road and was then known as the Bhutia Market. This Bhutia Market or the New Mahakal Market is another immensely popular local Bazaar of Darjeeling. If you are looking to buy some genuine woollen stuff of Darjeeling, then the New Mahakal Market is the right place for you! The new Mahakal market begins from the Darjeeling Mall road on the right side of the statue of poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya. Just follow the common pedestrian pathway of the popular Mahakal Temple of Darjeeling.

Apart from beautiful winter stuffs like the shawls, caps and sweaters, you can also find beautiful colourful umbrellas and hand knitted sweaters. All the woollen stuffs at the Mahakal Market are 100% genuine. Well don’t worry about the prices here, as all the woollen items here are dead cheap and too good when it comes to quality..

Other interesting part about this market is that the shops keepers here are very are open for a bargain. Yes if you can convince them that you would buy they would give you a great deal. Well as compared to the Chowk Bazaar this market can be a little bit expensive, so in case you are looking for more inexpensive woollen clothes then visit the howk Bazaar market.

2. Chowk Bazaar \ Lower Bazaar

One of the most reasonably priced markets in Darjeeling is the Chowk Bazaar. It is also known as Lower Bazaar and is a perfect place to go shopping for woollen items. The Chowk Bazaar starts from the Darjeeling head Post Office and runs till the Darjeeling Railway Station.

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On the Laden La road in Chowk Bazaar there are many shops which sell garments, household products, bakery and food products, electronics and even groceries. The local people of Darjeeling come to this very place foe their everyday needs. The best part about this market is that the stuffs available here are very less expensive as compared to the other elite markets.

Chowk \ Lower Bazaar also offers local art and handicraft items. There are many craft centres and emporiums along the lines of the market which are very easily traceable. There are some popular shopping complexes located in this place; Dragon Market and Mahakal Market are the most popular ones. Apart from the local bazaars, malls you should also check out the small eateries which is just perfect to sit relax and sip over some delicious Darjeeling Tea.

3. Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre – Darjeeling

A trip to the Tibetan Self Help Center in Darjeeling is often considered to be a part of the list of site seeing in Darjeeling. This Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre is one of the best places in Darjeeling to buy carpets, jackets, scarves and other gift items. And the best part is that if you compare the prices offered here it is much much cheaper than the other markets. This is also a rehabilitation Centre for the Tibetan refugees who are involved in handicrafts, craftsmanship and training of artisans.

4. Chowrasta Market \ Mall Road

Chowrasta or the Mall Road is one of the most popular places to be in Darjeeling. Well when it comes to shopping at this place it can be a considerable expensive affair. There are varieties of shops in the Chowrasta Market. The road bustles with tourist activity at almost all the time in a day. In this market both sides of the road is stacked and lined up with end number of shops selling different items. Starting from fashion garments, curio decors, woollen clothes, handicraft stuffs, photography stuffs, books and Darjeeling tea you will get it all here. The shops in this market begin from the Keventers restaurant and extend up to the ‘Tibet Arts’.

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5. Mahakal Market / Dragon Market Complex

The Mahakal Market / Dragon Market Complex are located at a walk-able distance from the Chowrasta – Mall Road. These are the two most popular shopping complexes located along the Laden La road on the Chowk Bazaar, as I mentioned earlier. The Dragon Market and Mahakal Market are located at the same place just opposite to each other.

  • Mahakal Complex – Is Popular for Woollen items. This is a perfect place to shop for beautiful winter stuffs like the shawls, caps and sweaters. And the best price is that it is quite reasonably priced.
  • Dragon Market – Is popular for fashion accessories. This market also sells fashion clothes brought from Bangkok. End number of shops sells a variety of T-Shirts, tops, shoes, frocks and stilettoes along the long stretch. Many girls come here to shop for ear rings, bracelets, necklaces, finger rings, anklets and precious stones items.

I hope you liked reading about these 5 most popular Local Bazaars of Darjeeling. Please share your experiences with us. And make sure you visit all these bazaars of Darjeeling, just not for shopping but to feel the warmth of the air of Darjeeling. While you plan your shopping, make sure you brush up your bargaining skills well. So Go Shopping and do share your wonderful experience with us as comments. We would be glad to hear special things about your very own shopping experience in the Local Bazaars of Darjeeling.

Featured Photo: Woollen hats by Martin and Kathy Dady under CC BY-ND 2.0




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