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India is one of those countries gifted with the opulence of not only flora and fauna but also with amazing geographical sites. If you consider most Indian destinations are mostly historical, cultural and religious then you are still unknown with the thrilling expeditions that many travelers experience while they are in India.

Apart from hiking, trekking, and other thrilling expeditions, India offers uncountable opportunities of river rafting. This is one of the deadliest and enthralling expeditions that many aspire to, but all of them hardly get a chance to jump into the boat and move the oars and take the twists and turns across the traverses of the river.

Among the numerous river rafting destinations across India, we have handpicked 5-Top ranked ones. Take a look and decide your next destination to enjoy the thrilling river-rafting experience.

River Zanskar—

You trek on Zanskar in winter and enjoy the raft in summers. This is one of the most exciting river rafting experiences and the best part is the surroundings as the river passes through. Rowing in the icy cold waters in the deepest terrains of Ladakh is one of the finest memories that you can have from here.

Situated at a height of 12000 ft from the sea-level, the rafting at Zanskar is permitted from Padum and Zimo in the gorge as after that the river meets with Indus River. Marked with grade III to IV- for its rapids and tides, rafting in River Zanskar will enthrall you for the enticing nature surrounding it.

The best time to raft here is from July to August as the waters freeze during winter.

River Ganga at Rishikesh—

One of the finest destinations to river raft across the globe is Rishikesh. River Ganga, the savior of India and worshiped by the Hindus as a deity—offers some of the best rapids and whirls. Known as rafters’ paradise, you shouldn’t miss out the natural beauty of the Kumaon Himalayas meeting the sandy river beaches at the shores.

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Different rapids of the River Ganges have different names given by the rafters over the years. Among them, the popular ones are— Roller Coaster, Return To Sender, Double Trouble, Tee Off, Three Blind Mice, and Golf Course.

Situated in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, the rafting on the Ganges is divided into four routes. From Shivpuri to Lakshman Jhula at Rishikesh, the distance stretches to 16 kilometers. From Kaudiyala to Rishikesh, the pro rafters travel a distance of 36 kilometers. From Marine Drive to Rishikesh, the distance covered is around 24 kilometers and the shortest of all these is the route from Brahmapuri to Rishikesh with a distance covered of 9 kilometers.

The best time to raft in the River Ganges at Rishikesh is from September to June.

River Indus in Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh

Experience the unmatchable natural beauty and the splendor of the Himalayan ranges while rafting in the icy water of the Indus River. The magnetizing sights of the Zanskar and Ladakh ranges will simply give you an out-of-the- world experience. Known as ‘Singhe Khababs’ or out from the lion’s mouth, rafting in the River Indus will offer you some unforgettable memories of the natural opulence the destination is gifted with.

Like River Zanskar, the rapids and whirls at the Indus are categorized on an average of II to III, still adventurous rafters flock from July to August to enjoy the heavenly rafting expedition on the River Indus.

River Brahmaputra

Virgin natural beauties, unparalleled views and the mysteriousness of the River Brahmaputra is simply enticing. Flowing down from Tibet, the mighty river enters Arunachal Pradesh by crossing and cutting many deep terrains of the greater Himalayas. Though the river is given the grade of IV considering the rapids, the best thing to experience while rafting on the Brahmaputra is the panoramic beauty. The pro rafters row to some of the less traveled placed through the river and enter the tribal zones to experience how those people live in the rainforests.

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It is one of the longest distances covered by rafters. It starts from a locale called Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh on the River Subansari, one of the significant tributaries of River Brahmaputra and meets Pasighat after rowing 180 kilometers. The Brahmaputra has some gigantic whirls and currents that rafters have to cross over to reach their destination.

The best time to river raft on the Brahmaputra is from November to March.

River Teesta in Darjeeling & Sikkim

One of the most popular rivers of Eastern India is Teesta. Teesta along with River Rangit, her main tributary are the ideal club together to offering the mind blowing river rafting expeditions in between October and April. The rivers have created tough situations for many expert rafters while doing it with the oars or paddling the boats. Again the spectacular beauty of the surrounding hills entices rafters. The rapids are given the grade of IV, still Teesta is hard for many pro rafters till date.

Along with these popular rivers in India, we can’t miss out to count rafting in River Yamuna, River Kameng, River Lohit, River Spiti, River Barapole, River Bhagirathi, River Alaknanda, River Kundalika, and more.

5 Most Enthralling River Rafting Destinations Across India

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