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Within the 7 prominent cities of the enigmatic Indian province of Rajasthan, Udaipur appears as a much distinctive one, fundamentally for the soul-filling scenic symmetry. Just like the orangey ornate rims of Aravalli Mountain Range decorously attires Udaipur’s border line fringes, so also the manually constructed mesmerizing Rajput fortresses and palaces and enthralling holy shrines embellish its interior ambience with a right iota of panache. The town’s buoyant lake water system, with an array of flourishing lagoons, fetches for the conurbation that accreditation of ‘Eastern Venice’ or ‘Lake City’. While experiencing this 1553 built metropolis’s historic fervor and getting acquainted with the local vibrant culture all the more, tourists can also gratify their taste buds in here by either authentic ‘Rajasthani’ gourmets or with fittingly served continental dishes.  What they need is acquaintance with 5 best restaurants Udaipur.

Distinctive deliciousness treasured in each one of the 5 best restaurants Udaipur

A yester year capital of the Mewar monarchy of Rajasthan’s Rajput dynasty, at modern day too, this Eastern Venice is dressed by royal touches throughout its skyline. A vacationer can sense this fervor all the more, when he/she sets foot at any reputed bistro of the metropolis. Mostly sequenced on the verges of a Water Creek and inside a ‘Haveli’ (traditional residence of ‘Rajasthani’ nobility), these eateries fetch contentment to not only the tongue, but also to the heart, with the happiness that real ‘Rajasthani’ flavor has been tested.

5 best restaurants Udaipur

Photo by niyam bhushan

At par with the innate essence of hot and spicy savory palates of ‘Rajasthani’ cuisine, the apex-level restaurants here nurture the menu at their individual sculleries. These bistros also maintain the timeless ‘Rajasthani’ principle of serving dry yet moist and smooth sugary dollops. An inside look into the world of 5 best restaurants Udaipur is chronicled here in:

Ambrai, Hanuman Ghat—For those enthusiasts, who want to cherish mystique of ‘Eastern Venice’ while gulping down factually mouth-watering platters, this eatery is the impeccable elect. Oriented at shoreline of the scenic Pichola Lagoon and within the vestige ambience of ‘Amet Haveli’, the bistro offers a mind-touching view of City Palace at one edge and the hauled ‘Jag Mandir’ from another rim. As for the credibility of making place amongst 5 best restaurants Udaipur, Ambrai caters the finest portions of ‘Lal Maas’ (Red Meat cooked by Red Chili Flakes), ‘Bajari Ghosht’ (Beef local style), ‘Bundi Kandhi’ (Gram Flour Curry), ‘Gatte Kadhi’ (Flour Nuggets in Spicy Curd), ‘Amras Kadhi’ (Hot Mango Pulp Broth) etc. The contemporary vibe to its constitution is rendered by a standardized bar with a well-enough collection of liquors. The site’s alfresco dining arrangement and evening time décor of lanterns also turns it as a foremost one within the romantic restaurants, udaipur.

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Millets of Mewar, Chandpole Outskirts—Rajasthan’s indigenous community, in their daily life, avail the Millet crop a lot as an option to the staples of rice and flour. And essentially this organic element is highly virtuous for human physiology, for possessing a negligible of fat and carb content and yet owning a high quotient of vitamins and minerals. Keeping both of these dimensions in mind, four pals came together to open this health-friendly eatery. This absolutely vegan bistro solely follows one norm—“Minimizing Gluten Intake”. Its exclusive niche at the list of 5 best restaurants Udaipur is secured by the creative cooking strategy of making diet foods tastier. The wholegrain sandwiches, Millet Pizzas and Pancakes, fresh salads, vegan jus, herbal liqueurs—taste of each compel guests to return again.

5 best restaurants UdaipurPhoto by verseguru

Tribute, Fateh Sagar—Sequenced at the banks of Fateh Sagar Lagoon, this eatery is cardinally coveted for its own equestrian embellishment and the surrounding aquatic ardor. Tribute’s rank in the meter of 5 best restaurants Udaipur gets pushed up, as more tourists taste and favor its flawlessly cooked native palates. These include ‘Panchmela Dal’ (5 lentil sorts cooked together), ‘Papad ki Sabzi’ (Flat Lentil Crackers sautéed with other vegetables), ‘Sula’ (Yogurt marinated grilled meat portions), ‘Bajra’/ ‘Jowar’ / ‘Makka’ ki Roti (Indian Flat Bread made of Millet/Sorghum/Corn), ‘Pyaz Kachori’ (Fried Indian Flat Bread with Onion Stuffing) and many other to opt for.  At winter season, the scene of wandering birds thronging the adjacent Rang Sagar Isle is a marvel to behold, while sitting at an alcove of Tribute.

Savage Garden, Chandpole By-lane—The kosher white walls and vestige mirror patch work décor of this bistro fetches an ardor of elegance on entrance. Fundamentally a German eatery, Savage Garden fulfills the quest of those searching for European platters in an innately Oriental atmosphere. It prides in catering the perfect servings of diverse Pastas and Barbequed dishes.

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Dal Bati Restropective, Krishna—Though devoid of any glorious or voguish embellishments and appearing more like an office or community canteen, this eatery still holds an upscale position in 5 best restaurants Udaipur, preeminently for its feature of catering holistic and delectable ‘Rajasthani Thali’ (native all-inclusive palate). It specializes in serving only this menu and includes everything covered in an optimum ‘Thali’ ranging from ‘Gatte Sabzi’, ‘Ker Sangri’ to ‘Dal Bati Churma’ and from ‘Safed Maas’ to ‘Moong Dal Ki Halwa’. Praise should also be rendered to its highly hygienic environ.

5 best restaurants Udaipur

Photo by nevil zaveri (thank you for 15 million+ views)

Beckon of upre, udaipur, rajasthan

The majestic vibe of this ‘Lake City’ is all the more augmented by upre, udaipur, rajasthan. This exquisite bistro is also honored as one of the most sought-after rooftop restaurants, udaipur. Honoring the birth name of ‘Upre’ or ‘Upstairs’ (in Mewari script), the open-air eatery is oriented at the terrace of Lake Pichola Hotel. With state-of-the-art decoration and corporate grade waiter facility, upre, udaipur, rajasthan caters Mewari temptations like:

  • ‘Lal Maas’
  • ‘Malai Tikka’
  • Jeera Rice
  • Vegan and Seekh Kabab
  • ‘Sula’
  • ‘Rabodhi Kanda’ (Buttermilk Curry)

At evening time, upre, udaipur, rajasthan gets bedecked with a candle-lit ambience and ethnic music. This and the breezy sway of the Pichola water body make it a befitting symbol of romantic restaurants, udaipur.

5 best restaurants UdaipurPhoto by verseguru

Endorsement of the passionate fervor by romantic restaurants, udaipur

A sought-after marriage destination among soul mates, ‘Eastern Venice’ also parents a number of eateries that can easily be termed as romantic restaurants, udaipur. From the expansive list, 3 matchless alfresco ones are mentioned here:

  • ‘Jhummar’ Restaurant, Rani Road
  • ‘Khamma Ghani’ Eatery, Rang Sagar
  • Carlson’s Charcol, Lal Ghat Road

Open-air dining while enjoying lagoons’ maritime crux is a preference of both the local residents and travellers of Udaipur. The following 3 eateries fulfill this urge by rightfully upholding the notion of rooftop restaurants, udaipur:

  • ‘Mewar Haveli’
  • Afeem, Ambavgarh Palace
  • ‘Kabab Mistri’, Fateh Sagar

Exhaustion after bargaining with the ‘Chudi Wallas’ or Bangel Sellers and fatigue felt post strolls of the slender and uphill streets of the ‘Lake City’ can easily be dimished by setting foot at one of its pleasurable palate points.

Featured Photo byniyam bhushan

5 Best Restaurants Udaipur For A Tempting Experience

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