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5 Best Places To Visit In Gangtok

In my previous articles, I spoke about my experience of Darjeeling and Pelling. The last stop of our vacation was the city of Gangtok. After visiting these 3 places one thing I can assure you that if you are a person who likes going to road trips (unfortunately I am not one of them) then Sikkim is the best place that you can think of. Our vacation began when we started from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling; after our stay at Darjeeling we were transferred to Pelling via the worst possible road and finally, we were transferred to Gangtok which was the last stop of our journey. Before I begin to share about the 5 Best Places to Visit in Gangtok, it is my duty to tell you that the road to Pelling is really irritating and if you do not have the patience it is best that you avoid it.

Plan on visiting Darjeeling and then take a transfer directly to Gangtok it would be less tiresome and most of you would probably enjoy more in Gangtok rather than Pelling. Honestly, Darjeeling was too over-crowded and Pelling was too silent; Gangtok is more like a perfect mixture of both these places. It is not that cold which makes you feel like you should stay in the hotel all the time and it is not that hot which doesn’t steal the charm of being a hill station. On this note, I would like to tell you about 5 Best Places To Visit in Gangtok.

5 Best Places To Visit In Gangtok

1. Nathu La Pass

I would be talking about this place in a very extensive way in another article but if you are going to Gangtok then this place should be the first priority. In fact, I and my friends decided to go to Gangtok because of Nathula pass. It is about a 55-kilometer drive from Gangtok but the experience you get is worth remembering. There are a few hurdles which you would be facing on your visit here, like getting permits and the high altitude of this place which might just take your breath away for a second but trust me the experience which you get from this place is worth everything. Getting to play with snow in the month of April or May is not something which you get to do on a daily basis and this is one of the places which you just cannot afford to miss. With all this said, Nathula pass deserves to be on the top of the list of 5 Best Places to visit in Gangtok.

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2. Mahatma Gandhi Marg

The second place to make it to the list of 5 Best Places to visit in Gangtok is Mahatma Gandhi Marg. Have you ever heard about Times Square, New York? I will say that it is kind of small miniature version of the same. LCD Lights, statues, hundreds of restaurants, street vendors and what not. Honestly, I got a little homesick after our vacation and seeing so many people at one place reminded me of home; so, this place would always have a special place in my heart. For all you ladies, this is kind of a gold mine it has numerous numbers of shopping choices; and if you are looking for winter wear then this place is certainly the place you want to be. Wine shops are also available in plenty and since it is duty-free the alcohol is really very cheap. I brought a rum for my dad which costs around 700 in Kolkata; In Gangtok, I got it for just Rs. 275.

3. Gangtok Ropeway

This is another popular tourist spot in Gangtok. I had gone there but due to the huge waiting period, we decided to give it a pass. Mountain cable car is something which you won’t find in most of the hill stations so you should definitely take a ride through this cable car. If you just visit this place you would get an amazing view of the city of Gangtok and it is really very serene and relaxing. Just close your eyes and let the fresh air pass through your hair; I am sure it would certainly give you a bit of what Heaven.

bakthang waterfall photo
Photo of Bakthang Falls! by lawtonjm under CC BY-ND 2.0

4. Bakthang Waterfall

Honestly, I was really very irritated when I visited this waterfall. The reason being that I had already seen at least 10 different types of waterfalls in the last 4 days (most of them in Pelling) and this one just ignited me. I would have given it a pass but due to peer pressure, I was dragged to this place. The reason why I have mentioned this in this list of 5 Best Places to visit in Gangtok is that unlike me if you have not seen 10 waterfalls, I am sure you would love this place.

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5. Sikkim Himalayan Zoological Park

Like I have mentioned before in my previous articles that I am not a very big fan of watching animals in a zoo but I would like to agree to the fact that Zoological Park in East India is really well maintained. There is not a tiny bit of littering which you will find and the size of the animals would really astonish you. At the end of the day, I really enjoyed visiting this place; If you are going with your family then it might get a little tedious but if you are visiting here with your friend then most of your time might pass in teasing each other by calling the brother or sister of some monkey or chimpanzee.

The reason why I liked Gangtok the most among the three places I visited was that this place was a perfect mixture of relaxation and avoiding overcrowded places. Moreover, places like Darjeeling and Pelling can become a little boring if you stay there for more than 2 or 3 days because there is really not much to there; Gangtok is an exception to this because it is a way more happening place than Darjeeling and Pelling. The Roads are broad enough so traffic jams are not really that common and moreover there are limited but good tourist spots which one can think of visiting.

Featured “Photo of Nathu-La Pass” by NINXIVI under CC BY 2.0

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