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Delhi is the majestic capital city of India. This is one of the busiest metro cities in the country which is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. It is crowded with huge buildings and government offices. But still, Delhi has many gardens where people can go and enjoy the greenery and socialize with people. Delhi’s gardens are well-equipped with facilities of boating and other activities. Most of the gardens are maintained in a very decent manner. Being the capital city, the government has given very important instructions to the corporations to maintain the gardens well. Here we will see some of the most beautiful gardens in Delhi:

The Garden of 5 Senses

garden of five senses photoPhoto by Os Rúpias

This beautiful garden was opened to the public in 2003. It was placed by the Delhi transport corporation at a place where people from all parts of the society can enjoy the facilities. The Garden of five senses is not just a garden but where usually many gatherings and activities take place. The idea was to bring people together which is very important for a healthy society. This whole garden is spread across 20 acres of land right in the middle of the city. The garden is made in a very natural way where you can see huge rocks facing the sky and some of them on the ground. You can enjoy the flowers in different colors, lakes, walkways and lush green garden with a water fountain at this garden.

The design is simple and all 5 senses are given importance here. You can feel various surfaces, see the colorful flowers, smell them, and touch them. There’s an amazing food court in the garden where you can satisfy your taste buds too. This is definitely one of the most amazing and beautiful gardens in Delhi.

Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden photoPhoto by Shaikhji

Lodhi garden is not only famous for the garden; it has some historical importance too. The whole place is under the Archaeology Survey of India. You could see there the construction brilliance of the Afghan dynasty. You can visit the Tomb of Sikander Lodhi, Bara Gumbad, Mohammed Shah and Sheesh Gumbad in this garden. The entire garden is opened to the public. It is actually great to have historical values in our gardens, which makes our kids more responsible citizens. Visitors can enjoy the garden lawns, flowers, and lakes along with our historical values.

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Buddha Jayanthi Park

Buddha Jayanthi photoPhoto by

The next one, Buddha Jayanthi Park, as the name suggests, was made in the commemoration of 2500 years of enlightenment celebration of Lord Buddha. One of our famous architects, Rana, brought a sapling from Sri Lanka to plant in this Garden. On 25th October 1964, the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri planted this sapling in the garden. In 1993, the 14th Dalia Lama devoted a Buddha statue to this Garden. Buddha Jayanthi is commemorated at this park every year. The Buddha figure is placed on a man-made island at this park. The tourists who visit Delhi should never miss it because there are very few parks in the world devoted to Buddha.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden photoPhoto by Dean Hochman

Japanese Garden is also known as Swarn Jayanthi Park. This park was made and opened to the public by the Delhi Development Authority. The Japanese garden is famous for its impeccable maintenance and is one of the most beautiful gardens in Delhi. It is well-maintained with good support from the public. Lush green scenic beauty, colorful flowers, boats and lakes make this garden one the favorite public and tourist spots. This garden is located amidst many malls, restaurants, and shops for the public. You can enjoy the garden and simultaneously can do shopping and enjoy the eat outs. You can see huge public gatherings at this park every day in the evening.

National Rose Garden

National Rose Garden photoPhoto by Sidneiensis

As the name suggests, it’s all about the rose in this garden. National Rose Garden is famous for its large variety of roses. The entire garden has a different variety of roses from around the world. Once you reach this garden, you run the risk of becoming a poet or an artist. So many roses around you will make it look like paradise on earth. This garden is located in the center of the capital city of India. You can enjoy the sunsets and sunrise at this garden with multicolored roses. This is the best place for flower lovers.  Most of the Delhi people visit the garden at least once.

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If you look around, you will find many more beautiful gardens in Delhi. These are the first five that came to my mind though!

Featured Photo by samurai_dave

5 Beautiful Gardens In Delhi You Must Visit

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