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It is important to revitalise and recharge the body and soul, from time to time to escape the stress of current routine life. It is highly evident that our life has deviated from nature by a vast distance. The chirping sound of birds and fresh air from trees are no longer easily available. But still, nature gives us chances after chances. There are some less trodden points for nature lovers in Tamil Nadu, which don’t even have proper mobile network coverage! Ah, that’s an awesome reason to keep the gadgets aside and breathe some fresh air. Introducing Manjolai – tea estates, forests, waterfalls and a lot more.

tea estate photoPhoto by Theo Crazzolara

Location of Manjolai

Manjolai is one of the least known hill stations in Tamil Nadu, which provide a perfect relaxation area for tourists. The Manjolai hills and tea estates are tucked deep within the Western Ghats above an altitude of 3000 ft. The area comes under the administration of Manimuthar panchayath of Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu. Manjolai includes an interesting landscape of elevated area, water falls, forests, grass plains etc with a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

The tea estates are owned by Bombay Burmah trading corporation, and this location is not as such promoted as a tourist spot. A visit to Manjolai requires permission from forest authorities, and some acquaintance with local residents. Food and accommodation are not as easy as any other tourist spots. Residents of this estate are mostly tea estate workers and hence it would be easy if any one of them is known beforehand.

Tea estates

The tea estates of Manjolai are leased to the Bombay Burmah trading corporation, and around ten thousand employees are involved with this company. Around 33 square kilometres are occupied by tea estates, and they were originally under the rule of Singampatti Zamin.

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Main locations nearby

Apart from the tea estates, there are few other notable locations that are worth visiting.


Kuthiravetti is a place 20 kilo metres from Manjolai. An important reason for visiting Kuthiravetti is for its watch tower. One can view a breath taking scene of two large dams, dense forests and beautiful landscape below. The path is narrow amidst dense trees and a perfect trip for adventure lovers. Basic things such as water, food, first aid kit etc should be carried along.

Kalakkad mundanthurai tiger reserve

The forest area in this region comes under the administration of Kalakkad mundanthurai tiger reserve. This forest can be seen from the watch tower at Kuthiravetti. The Kalakkad mundanthurai tiger reserve is the second largest reserve forest in Tamil Nadu. There is a vast range of flora and fauna protected within the reserve.

Singampatti zamin palace

The area is owned by Singampatti zamin and the Manjolai tea estate is given for lease to Bombay Burmah trading corporation. The Singampatti zamin was an independent kingdom several centuries ago dating back to the time of Pandyas. Now, the palace and a museum remains as the royal family resides there. The walls of the palace speak volumes of history and it is interesting to learn the journey of this little kingdom.

A memorable trip

A mini trip to Manjolai can be a mega treat for nature lovers as the area includes forests and waterfalls. Interesting species of flora and fauna can be noted on the way. The climate provides a chilly feeling, escaping from the heat of summer. As this place is undisturbed by human settlements, the tourists are highly responsible for preserving the natural atmosphere of the area. Plastics are not encouraged and littering is unbearable. Let us respect nature and enjoy the peace it offers us.

Manjolai – Tea Estates, Forests, Waterfalls And A Lot More

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