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10 Traditional Drinks To Beat The Summer Heat In India

Summers in India can be scorching hot, with temperature going up to 48-degree Celsius. And if you are living in the northern part of India then, you know how excruciating even looking at the sun can feel like.  It is right that summers may bring a lot of suntan, dehydration, sitting at home, but summers also bring long vacations, those amazing holidays to cold places and much more. Getting out in summer is hard but then coming home and drinking an amazing glass of chilled drink can be a good idea.

1. Aam Panna

If you live in India and haven’t yet tasted this amazing drink then you are missing, something really amazing. Aam Panna is one of the signature drinks that are found in every North Indian household. The drink is delicious, green in color, sweet with a tangy flavor of mango. The recipe is quite simple but it tastes heavenly. With summer being the season of mangoes, one can easily make it.

2. Shikanji

Shikanji is the Hindi synonym of lemonade. I bet everyone knows this drink, a drink so cheap, sold in almost every food stall. Being rich or poor doesn’t matter, Shikanji is something that equals us all. One cannot pass out any summers without having a single glass of Shikanji. It is a magical drink which can be made by anyone, all you need is lemon, water, and sugar.

3. Jaljeera

Yet another drink very famous in the northern part of India, many people might not like its taste but I bet a chilled Jaljeera can really soothe out your stomach. Jaljeera is made from tamarind, jeera (cumin seed), pepper, and water. These days Jaljeera powder sachets are being sold in the market which makes it even easier to prepare. Topped with a bit of ‘boondi’ makes it a little crunchier, tastier and distinct.

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4. Lassi

Lassi is a drink made by blending curd and other spices.  You can drink it whenever you want with your meals, after getting from work or just as it is. A large class of Lassi is enough to fill your stomach. Lassi is very good to keep your body hydrated and provide enough water to your body, curd being the main ingredient makes sure you get a cooling effect and help you from dehydration.

5. Chaas Or Buttermilk

During summers most of us prefer to eat less, but a sip of this amazing drink will make you feel hungry. Chaas is a drink famous in Rajasthan although nowadays due to its salty variant taste it can be found in every authentic Indian restaurant. It has amazing benefits of curing your stomach problems and keeping your body hydrated. In southern states, it is also called as ‘Sambharam’.

6. Thandai

Thandai is a drink which is specially made during the time of Holi but you can always have it during summers. The beverage consists of milk, almond, saffron, rose petals, cardamom, pepper, fennel seeds and sugar. The drink is light pinkish in color, very rich and royal in taste.

7. Falooda

Yet another amazing drink with a combination of distinctive yet amazing flavors. Falooda is basically a mixture of several ingredients. The drink consists of milk, ice cream, vermicelli, rose petals, jellies cubes, dry fruits. One cannot move out of the place without ordering a second glass, but you can always make it at home with a little preparation.

8. Kokum Sharbath

This traditional drink has its origin from Konkani region in Karnataka. It is dull red in color but looks wonderful. With an amazing smacking taste and fruity flavor, one can easily pass away the scorching heat outside.

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9. Coconut Water

When it comes to health, coconut water is the answer. Coconut water is the healthiest drink one can have during summers. It is something you can have each morning, after a workout, or to just beat the scorching heat outside. It’s a universal drink, with no added flavor. Simply put, it’s pure and simple.

10. Rooh Afza

It’s one of the most popular drinks most of us offer to our guest during summers. Rooh Afza is easily available in most of the Indian grocery stores. The drink is made by diluting the rose syrup with either water or milk. The pinkish color of the water makes everyone delighted.

The Indian traditional drinks are about distinct flavors, it’s beauty likes in its originality and “Desi”ness. No one can beat the Indian taste and flavors, and with these traditional drinks one can easily pass away these summers with a smile on their face.

Featured Photo:A lemon dropped into a jar by p_v a l d i v i e s o under CC BY-SA 2.0

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