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10 Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal is known to be the Dev Bhoomi as supposedly there are local deities which are looking above its visitors at each and every village of the Himachal Pradesh. Also, there are no other better things to delight the God other than that to dance for them. They think that dancing through the way of whole body and soul will get them directly in the connection to the Almighty. There are various traditional dance forms of Himachal Pradesh for each and every occasion.

These dance forms are commonly done during the time of the local fairs and also at the event of happy occasions such as marriages/weddings. Men and Women who are dressed up in the traditional attire will dance away with much glory and elegance. We have listed the traditional and cultural dance forms in Himachal Pradesh here, for you to enjoy while you are traveling during the festival times of Himachal.

1. The Kullu Natti

The Kullu Natti is a popular dance form in the districts of Kullu which is usually performed during the time of fairs and festivals. You will see a long procession of the dancers where they will be accompanied by musicians who will play ethnic instruments adjoining them. The musical instruments which you may observe doing these dance forms are the Dhol, Nagara, Shehnai and Kranal.

2. The Thoda Dance

The Thoda are peculiar dance forms which are generally performed before the men’s go for the war. This dance form is also said to be the war dance. You will find some ancient rituals being performed by means of holding the bow and arrow in their hands. Furthermore at the time of this ritual the dancers will actually attempt to mimic the battle scene by the way of their dance forms.

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3. The Dandras

The Dandras form of dance is always performed in the Chamba district in Himachal. By way of holding tiny sticks in the hands, the dance will be performed. This dance is performed only at the time of jatras or festivals or during the fairs and the performance continues for many hours.

4. The Ghurehi

This is very much a special dance. The beautiful dance performance in usually performed by the pretty ladies of Chamba region, during the annual fairs. The women who have been dressed up in the traditional manner in addition to ethnic jewellery are a sight to behold.

5. The Shiv Badar Nati

The dance form is generally performed during the time of Shivratri as well as on other special religious occasions. This Shiv Badar Nati is really a treat to our eyes watching them. Each and every dancer will look at sync through each other on top of dancing gracefully to the stunning tunes.

6. The Enchanting Lahauli Dance

This dance form is much similar to the Ladaki dance form performed at the beats of instruments such as Surna, Damman, and Ladaki instruments. The Music used may be Ladakhi, however, the style of the dance that is performed is very Lahauli. The dancer will lock their hands at the same time move at the rhythmic fashion. The scene looks very much beautiful. The ornaments that are used by the dancers are mostly made up of beats and stones. The Dancers will decorate their traditional elongated embellished gowns as well as garb the matching jackets above it.

7. The Losar Shona Chuksam

The Kinnauri’s loves to dance as well as they do it very much stylishly. Losar means New Year in native language. This is performed every year at the months of Vaishakha and Chaitra. You could rapidly recognize this dance by way of the presentation of music by the Bugjal, the big Dhol in addition to the long pipe known as the Karnal.

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8. The Chhanak Chham Dance

The Chhanak Chham Dance is held through lamas of the Lahaul Spiti. This dance is performed to gratify and delight the Gods and that too during the time of the Chakhar Festival, over every three years. The term Chhanak is originated from that of the headgear worn out by the striking dancers. The dancer has got a theme in their dresses which are black, gold and yellow. At this occasion, it is special to wear the traditional attire. The dancers holding their knives by their hand together with their half mouths covered are the dominant sight. Compared to that of the other Himachali dances, this dance is pretty much graceful and elegant dance.

9. The Jhamakada Dance

This dance belongs to the Kangra district of the state of Himachal Pradesh. This dance is usually performed only by pretty young girls. The specialty and interesting thing about the dance is its vibrant lyrics along with the percussion based instruments.

10. The Gugga Dance

This elegant dance is originated from the lowest hills of the Himachal Pradesh state. This Gugga dance form is held to show the dedication towards the great GuggaPir. He is supposed to be the protector of animals as well as snakes. The leading sign of this dance is said to be the gigantic flag umbrella which is carried to the divinity’s destination.

Featured Photo: A folk dancers from Himachal Pradesh who took part in the Chini dance by under CC BY 2.0



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