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Guess which city in India is one of the most welcoming, well its Chennai. Apart from beaches and weather which seem to gather most of the attention, there are various other places and experiences which might amaze you in this huge city. So all you avid enthusiast out there, are you looking at exploring true Chennai? Here are the top 10 things to do when you are in Chennai City.

10 Things To Do When You Are In Chennai

Chennai has a lot to offer, and one do end number of things to experience Chennai to the fullest. Here they are take a look-

1. Explore The Beautiful Beaches

chennai photoPhoto by VinothChandar

Well the list top things to do when you are in Chennai cannot be complete without visiting the beaches. In fact for most of the travellers exploring the beaches in this city is the first thing to do. As we know Chennai is known for its long stretch of beautiful beaches. There are many popular beaches which are major tourist attraction. You can start with the most popular and crowded Marina beach and then head to the beautiful Kovalam beach. Well in between this beautiful stretch there are many other calm beaches which are worth visiting. Each and every beach in Chennai is unique on its own. While the Marina beach is crowded with hundreds of local visitors strolling around and kids playing the Beasant Nagar beach on the other hand is a perfect spot for those couples looking to spend some quality and romantic time with their love ones. Be it morning or evening all the beaches in Chennai have something special to offer each and every one. Well for the rick and the foreign tourist the Kovalam beach is a popular attraction. Make sure you visit atleast few or all of these beautiful beaches in Chennai. Some even offer water sports activities like surfing and wind surfing.

2. Visit the temples

Kapaleeswarar Temple chennai photoPhoto by ErnestoPz

The Kapaleeswarar Temple is one of the most popular temples to visit in Chennai, in fact it is considered to be the cultural heart. Visiting the temples of Chennai is a sole window to understand the South Indian Hindu or Tamil culture. You can also check out various number of rare books on Vedas at the Giri trading agency in Chennai. Other popular temples worth visiting in Chennai are the Tiruporur Temple and Parthasarthy temple at Triplicane which are located at just 20 minutes from the city.

3. A Meal At The Saravana Bhavan

Saravana Bhavan chennai photoPhoto by acme

The Saravana Bhavan is one of the most popular places to enjoy the authentic South Indian food in Chennai. Across the Chennai city the Saravana Bhavan has a number of branches and all are equally good. Their famous South Indian Thali is something that you should give a try, it’s like the whole of south Indian food in one plate. The Saravana Bhavan are also quite popular for their excellent spread of breakfast.

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4. Reconnoitre the Culture Of Chennai

Bharatanatyam chennai photoPhoto by anniedalbera

There are end numbers of popular entertainment activities which talk of the culture of Chennai. You can check out for some Dramas, Bharatanatyam Shows , Art & movies, Classical music concerts, Spelling Bee contests and Painting exhibitions. Every single day at least one of these culturally rich activities runs in many auditoriums around Chennai. So make sure you do try and explore at least one of them and feel the culture of south India to the fullest. One of the most popular festivals in Chennai is the Margazhi Music festival.

5. Long Drive At The ECR

ECR chennai photoPhoto by ashwin kumar

The East Coast Road or popularly known as ECR, is a 50 kilometres long stretched road. This road is amazing as it offers an amazing view of sea on one side. The experience of a long drive on this road is totally out of the world. So do experience the nerve-wracking bike ride on this incredible highway. One of the best road trip in India is a trip to Pondicherry or Mahabalipuram. So gear up your bike or cars and head straight out on the ECR for an amazing long drive.

6. Dhakshinachitra

Chennai photoPhoto by Sarath.kuchi

Dhakshinachitra is a very renowned centre for performing arts, crafts and architecture in Chennai and also in the South India as a whole. Dhakshinachitra is located at the East coast road. So if you are one of those who are interested in arts and crafts then do check out this wonderful place. Dhakshinachitra also offers good opportunity for the people who love photography, as they can capture some of the most amazing pictures here.

7. Ranga vilas and Grand sweets

Chennai sweets photoPhoto by bunnicula

India offers some of the most amazing desserts or sweets isn’t it? In fact each and every part of india have their own set of traditional sweets which are always unique and worth trying. So if you have that sweet tooth and love to try some delicious traditional sweets then do visit the above mentioned shops. Ranga vilas and Grand sweets in Chennai are the best in this city. Well they offer some savoury options too. They are located in Anna Nagar, both these shops are known for their amazing taste and incredible quality of food. They also offer some homemade variety of sweets and snacks which is very popular with the visitors.

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8. Snack By The Streets Of Sowcarpet

street food photoPhoto by StateofIsrael

Well this one is for those who love to hog some delicious street food right on the street. Check out a range of authentic chaat and street food in Sowcarpet. The streets of Sowcarpet has everything you can think for, starting from Hot badam milk and coffee to Aloo tikki, dahi kachori and samosa. Just name and it this place has it. Sowcarpet in Chennai will surely give you a truly awesome experience.

9. Time For Some Adventure

street food photoPhoto by VinothChandar

If you like to go on an adventure ride in Chennai, then do visit the Guindy National Park, Crocodile bank & Zoological Park.

10. Shop at T Nagar

T Nagar Chennai photoPhoto by mckaysavage

Well I saved the best one for the last. Since I love shopping I feel T Nagar in Chennai is the perfect place for shopping for one and all. Just name what you need and you get in in some or the other busy street of T Nagar in Chennai. Dresses, jewellery, house hold articles, sarees and salwar kameez you get it all here. Popular and most crowded of all the streets here are the Ranganathan Street and Usman Road. Other popular stores for your needs are RMKV, Pothys and Saravana they have ample of options and the best part is all under one roof. So wether you are searching for the traditional kancheevaram pattu sarees, trendy designer sarees, western wear or ethnic salwar kameez T Nagar has it all and all in your budget too. One thing to take a note is that, try and have a bit of patience to handle the crowd here.

Flop is the idea that Chennai is just about Hot and Humid Weather, but its lot more than that. So to make the fullest out of Chennai just make sure you check out all the above mentioned things. Trust me Chennai will be fun and a lot more than that.

Featured Photo by VinothChandar

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10 Must Do Things When You Are In Chennai

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