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It is always categorized to be the world classic oldest cuisine. The dishes of Karnataka will mostly replicate the tradition ethics and cultural practices of their people. The cuisine has ever since extensively grasped consideration and responsiveness of the people from several other distinct states, as well as they, have been often satisfying their endless demanding tastes and appetites. The classic Karnataka banquet is served on the traditional banana leaf, the cuisine will mostly start from tasty sweets then the food is completed with the curd rice.

Moreover, greatest of the recipes and dishes will consist of rice in numerous forms, it may be the starter, the main course or even the desert. The Karnataka state dishes are available in various range and wide varieties. But then again to keep the classification simple enough, let us switch in knowing the most and best 10 traditional food dishes of Karnataka state.


holige photoPhotos by outscribe,

It is common in all state that every one of us will start our cuisine with the starters, but to have a little change let us start with the mouthwatering sweets. When you travel to Karnataka, if it sweets then Obbatu or the holige is the popular name that would be repeatedly hearing of. This sweet is one of the best-loved sweet recipes all over the Karnataka. The recipe is usually prepared by the mixture of chana dal and jaggery that would be stuffed with the Maida dough and then finally rolled.

However, variants of sugar by desiccated coconut also the coconut with the combination of jaggery filling will also provide you the obbatu that offers an awesome flavor. To enhance the taste of the recipe, the Obbatu is often served with little hot ghee also at times with milk. This Obbatu or the holige is always said to be the favorite delicacies that are prepared at the times of festivals and gives an awesome taste when the recipe is served hot.

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak photoPhotos by Charles Haynes,

The recipe which has usually set a trademark ever since generations in the Karnataka state is the Mysore Pak sweet. This delicious sweet ultimately will make use of the Bengal gram, ghee, cardamom, sugar obviously and then finally water. The title of this sweet is got after the well-celebrated city the Mysore. This yummy Mysore Pak sweet will very much have an even smooth consistency with the ghee melting all over the surface and it literally melts down in the mouth. The sweet can be stored for quite a few days and therefore it usually a good and tasty sweet that can be prepared during all the special occasions and festivals.

Idli and Uddina vada

Idli and vada photoPhotos by Ecnerwal,

No one will return home without tasting the popular Idli and Uddina Vada in Karnataka state. None of the hotel or even in every home will miss out this deadly breakfast mishmash that would be healthy at the same time very much satisfying. The recipe is normally made out with the soaked rice and also ground rice and the Urad dal. The recipe of Idli can be usually prepared in the wide range of forms like Rava idli, thatte idli, and button idli. The rava Idi is the best-liked idli and easy to prepare. The Idli and Uddina vada is regularly served with chutney in addition to sambar and still this Idli attract various fans all over the world. Idli is mostly and especially consumed why the people who are calorie conscious because Idli is always the best ever digestive food.

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Chowchow bath


Chowchow bath, even though the recipe name sounds very much funny. This chowchow bath is likely the very much traditional two in one kind breakfast recipe of Karnataka. This dish has the quick recipe and can be made easily. This Chowchow bath is usually prepared out of rava otherwise sooji. Few people will call this dish as uppitu and also khesari bath, the previous is said to be the spicy dish and the last one is the sweet part of the dish. Kesaribath flavors truly delightful, delicious and comprises of the fine amount of ghee and nuts. Some will even add pineapple to add taste to the dish.


Dosa photoPhotos by kurisurokku,

Dosa is like all the time King of the South India breakfast and particularly the crunchy brown masala dosa is the best favored unique dish. The dosa is made out of the fermented batter prepared out of rice and black lentils. Of all the other, masala dosa would taste the best flavor when taken with sambar and chutney. The stuffed alu that would be coated with the extraordinary red chutney inside this dosa, will really make it finger licking good. Beside from this masala dosa there also wide variety of onion dosa, Rava dosa, and ragi dosa that is always very dominating in each and every hotel of Karnataka homes and Karnataka hotels. Since dosa has become the very celebrated dish of South India, there are utmost 100 distinct types of dosa that are made each day in huge number in all the range of fast foods in the state of Karnataka.

Jolada roti and Akki roti

This is the much famous food in all parts of the north Karnataka. This Jolada roti will be also called as the jowar roti likewise the Akki roti is simply called roti by the people of Karnataka. When these roti are served with the combination of brinjal and black channa it is would give you the awesome taste and flavor. It is always said that it would be the spicy power that is prepared out of peanuts. This dish is usually prepared at the lunch time. Since this roti is enriched in fibre, it is extremely favorable for the weight loss. Even this recipe makes your BP and cholesterol under the control. So don’t miss to try out to miss out this tasty and healthy dish when you travel to Karnataka.

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Bisi bele bath

Bisi bele bath photoPhotos by rosemilkinabottle,

The nutritious dish that is comprised of rice, lentils, and vegetables that taste the ultimate authentic is the Bisibelebath recipe. It is really procedures a portion of the foremost progress of the South Indian mealtimes and flavors the finest while if it served with few ghee as well as spicy hot potato chips. Particularly at the times of winters, piercing hot Bisibelebath is really the heavenly food. Also, this aroma of the lip-smacking dish is actually appealing. Thus when you take a trip to Karnataka you must really try this Bisibelebath.

Udupi Sambar and Gojju


The rice is said to be the essential food of Karnataka that is why Sambar, as well as Gojju, will be prepared mostly all days in Karnataka homes. It is famously named to be the Udupi Sambar is a recipe made out of stew that is using lentils and fresh vegetables then it will be tempered by mustard, asafetida, red chilli and curry leaves for additional flavor at the same time for aroma.

There will be also Sambar powders which are prepared by blending copiously of spices that are commonly the secret handed on over generations. Then again, Gojju is the precise tangy taste side dish, prepared by using the Okra, pineapple fruit, Bitter gourd then Raw fruit Mango. It is also a very easy dish and it can also be stored even for quite a few days.

Ragi Mudde and Sopinna Saru

ragi mudde

If you visit the rural homes in Karnataka at the lunch times then for sure will taste or will get the chance to bite the popular Ragi Mudde with Soppina Saru. Ragi contains enormous health benefits also are fair reasonably priced while if it is compared with further millets, that creates it very prevalent in the state of Karnataka. Likewise, it will consume only minimum time when you cook ragi along with water to prepare the Muddy.

Shopping Saru is nothing but it is made with green leafy vegetables together lentils cooked along spices that will give a great combination to the mudde. That offers an excellent taste and creates gulping in the mudde cool.

Maddur Vada

Maddur Vada photoPhotos by Charles Haynes,

When you take Karnataka, Maddur Vada is the tempting and famous snack that would be available in all hotels and all home prepare it. This snack was originated from a town called Maddur, it is a very tiny city. This dish tastes crispy when it is been served hot. That too when is served with coconut chutney it would be really an awesome one. Likewise, the amalgamation of Maddur vada by hot filter coffee will really make your day.

If you are traveling to Karnataka then tasting out these customary and rich recipes will really turn out to be a must. You will also notice few small Darshinis as well as Udupi hotels that decently provide authentic Karnataka food admirers. Hence, by no means miss the chance to yield a few times then delight yourself to various wonderful dishes.

10 Best Customary Dishes Of Karnataka

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