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IndiaVivid is a platform to Discover, Share and Celebrate INDIA. We showcase the best of Indian States, Places, Art Forms, Dances and the like focusing on unique and distinct aspects of Indian culture which makes this country beautiful and one of a kind.

We serve the cause of Indian society through focus on optimism, positivity and opportunities. We operate through a global community consisting of writers, editors, photographers, videographers, artists from different walks of like representing Indian culture focused on the unifying mission of “”spreading India’s uniqueness with the world“.

You can contribute and participate in this journey of discovery, sharing unique insights in the process and celebrating India’s uniqueness and vividity.

Contributor Network

IndiaVivid invites contributions from writers, editors, photographers, videographers, artists and anyone with the desire to contribute. IndiaVivid is looking at contributors from each State of India as a contributor anchor to act as a nucleus/focal point for the State. If you are interested in joining as a contributor anchor or would like to associate long term, please Email IndiaVivid. Each contributor anchor will have an opportunity to manage and work with other contributors for IndiaVivid.

In addition, we are also looking for writers and editors to join us on long-term basis or as a freelancer.

We believe in providing opportunity to enhance careers and showcase skills. With this in view, we are open to people contributing voluntarily and enhancing their brand. If you would like to contribute voluntarily, you could join us.

We reserve the right to screen and publish articles and content as per our own guideline.

Discover, Share, Celebrate INDIA

Does India inspire you? Does India’s national anthem give goosebumps? Do you find India unique? Do you have experiences which showcases India’s unique position in this world?

If yes, why not let the world know.

Contributing to IndiaVivid is a great way to tell the world what India stands for and showcase her true treasures. Its also a great way to get featured, gain recognition and be part of the movement. 

Get Featured

Submit an Article/Post & Get Featured: Each Author/Contributor gets featured. Each Author is also acknowledged at the bottom of his article as the author along with a link to their official website and social accounts with a short biography.

Contributing to IndiaVivid is a great way to creating ur brand and showcasing ur creativity

Be Popular

Gain Recognition & create your own following and network by contributing and enriching your fan following.

Receive recognition & appreciations from a group of loyal audiences.

Share’ n Earn

Regular contributors have an opportunity to join IndiaVivid as a freelancer on a work for hire basis. Contributors also have an opportunity to grow as a Reviewer, Editor and Contributor Anchor for a State. Refer to About Ussection.

Contributions from the community helps the IndiaVivid platform flourish and support the cause of celebrating India’s vividity.

Explore India


dam-hemavathi river - pixabay

The beautiful fjords in Kashmir, backwaters in Kerala, mountain ranged dotting on the west and east, the mighty Ganges and many more natural wonders adorn this country.

Top Things to Do

barber-1103193_1920 - pixabay

A quick summary of the “the top things to do in India”. These act as guide with reference to “things to do”, “top attractions”, “top getaways” and the like.


colors - pixabay

Indian culture is an amalgamation of several cultures within this culture shaped and beautified by history spanning millenniums.

Street Food

samosa - pixabay

From curry and raita to samosa and lassi to my favourite kashmiri pulao, Indian cuisine is in a league of its own.


delhi-1141306_1280 - pixabay

From the City of Joy, Kolkata to the financial capital, Mumbai, Bharat as its own, is a land of cities and multitude of villages in between.


kids-909715_1280 - pixabay

Learning centres have been prevalent since time immemorial; more so in Bharat, which is the birthplace of the Gurukula system.

Dance Forms

bodoland - pixabay

A country of dance and song. Its traditions and cultures are interwined with music, festivities and dance.


boat-196750_1920 - pixabay

From Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi,  Shivratri, Ugadi, Raksha Bandhan to Dussera, Id-ul-Fitr, every day in India is a celebration.

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